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Joint Independent Redistricting Commissions Public Hearings:
download Lamar 07092021.pdf

download Burlington 07102021.pdf

download Sterling 071021.pdf

download Arvada 071321.pdf

download Denver 1 07142021.pdf

download Fort Collins 07172021.pdf

download Lakewood 07202021.pdf

download Steamboat 07232021.pdf

download Craig 07242021.pdf

download Trinidad 08062021.pdf

download Grand Junction 07302021.pdf

download Montrose 07302021.pdf

download Carbondale 07312021.pdf

Colorado Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission:
download 03152021.pdf

download 03222021.pdf

download 03292021.pdf

download 04052021.pdf

download 04072021.pdf

download 04122021.pdf

download 04142021.pdf

download 04192021.pdf

download 04212021.pdf

download 04262021.pdf

download 04282021.pdf

download 05032021.pdf

download 05052021.pdf

download 05102021.pdf

download 05122021.pdf

download 05172021.pdf

download 05192021.pdf

download 05242021.pdf

download 05262021.pdf

download 06022021.pdf

download 06072021.pdf

download 06092021.pdf

download 06142021.pdf

download 06232021.pdf

download 06282021.pdf

download 06302021.pdf

download 07072021.pdf
download 07122021.pdf

Committees of the Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission:
download General Counsel Committee 04062021.pdf

download Public Comment Committee 04092021.pdf

download General Counsel Committee 04122021.pdf

download Public Comment Committee 04142021.pdf

download Map Analytics Committee 04152021.pdf

download Public Comment Committee 04202021.pdf

download Public Comment Committee 04232021.pdf

download Public Comment Committee 04272021.pdf

download Public Comment Committee 04302021.pdf

download General Counsel Committee 05032021.pdf

download Public Comment Committee 05042021.pdf

download Public Comment Committee 05072021.pdf

download General Counsel Committee 05072021.pdf

download Public Hearing Schedule Committee 05072021.pdf

download General Counsel Committee 05102021.pdf

download Public Comment Committee 05112021.pdf

download Public Comment Committee 05142021.pdf

download Public Comment Committee 05182021.pdf

download Public Hearing Schedule Committee 05212021.pdf

download Public Hearing Schedule Committee 05282021.pdf

download Public Hearing Schedule Committee 06042021.pdf

Colorado Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission:
download 03302021.pdf

download 04092021.pdf

download 04162021.pdf

download 04232021.pdf

download 04302021.pdf

download 05072021.pdf

download 05142021.pdf

download 05212021.pdf

download 05282021.pdf

download 06042021.pdf

download 06112021.pdf

download 06182021.pdf

download 06252021.pdf

download 07022021.pdf

download 07162021.pdf

download 08132021.pdf

download 08272021.pdf

download 09032021 .pdf
download 09072021.pdf
download 09102021.pdf

Committees of the Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission:
download Public Comment Subcommittee 04052021.pdf

download Rules and Procedures Ad Hoc Subcommittee 04052021.pdf

download Public Comment Subcommittee 04152021.pdf

download Public Comment Subcommittee 04222021.pdf

download Public Comment Subcommittee 05062021.pdf

download Outside Legal Counsel and Legislative Affairs Subcommittee 05102021.pdf

download Public Comment Subcommittee 05132021.pdf

download Outside Legal Counsel & Legislative Affairs 08122021.docx
download Public Comment and Outreach Subcommittee 08122021.docx

Joint Committees of the Joint Commissions:
download Joint Public Comment and Public Hearing Committees 06102021.pdf