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Commission Policies and Guidelines

The Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission has approved the following policies, which provide official direction from the commissioners for nonpartisan staff.

Policy 1: Use of Alternative Data Sources for Preliminary Plan
Policy 2: Direction to Staff on Incarcerated Persons Residence
Policy 3: New Senate Districts with Multiple Incumbents or Holdover Senators
Policy 4: Policy on Contiguity
Policy 5: Technical de minimis Adjustments to the Adopted Senate and House Plans
Policy 6: Direction to Staff on Maximizing Competitiveness
Policy 7: Compactness of House and Senate Districts
Policy 8: Senate and House District Numbering
Policy 9: Voting Rights Act Compliance

The Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission has approved the following guidelines and recommendations for consideration in drawing the staff plans:
download CICRC Adopted Guidelines and Recommendations.pdf