Opportunities for Public Engagement

The Colorado Independent Redistricting Commissions were established in 2018 by a vote of the citizens of the state of Colorado.  As such, the  commissions believe the citizenry should have a voice in the process.  During the process, there will be a series of public meetings to solicit feedback on the various steps, including the application form for commissioners, the commissioner selection, development of procedures for the commissions, and the district maps themselves.  All of these meetings will be published in the meeting schedule on this website.  Additionally, after the U.S. Census Bureau releases the population counts for the state, a web-based tool will be available to allow the public to comment on the preliminary maps and upload maps of their own.  Finally, the Colorado Constitution requires nonpartisan staff to draw maps that take into account communities of interest, where possible.  The term "communities of interest" is not defined in the constitution, so staff is soliciting information from the public about your communities and groups and why they should be represented by a single legislator. 

Please email us at colorado.redistricting2020@state.co.us with your thoughts and ideas.