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Mario Nicolais

Commission: legislative

Zip: 80226

Submittted: September 01, 2021


Please see attached a letter from Kathleen Curry, Bill Hobbs, Mario Nicolais, Alan Philp, and Steve Tool, including proposed maps for the state senate and state house (via hyperlink). This maps have been submitted to provide the commission with an example of how multiple factors can be balanced constitutionally. In particular, we emphasized political subdivision integrity, competitive districts (with an emphasis on unaffiliated voter influence therein), and communities of interest (with an emphasis on Hispanic majority and influence districts). Please note that Alan Philp endorses these maps both personally and as a redistricting lobbyist for the Colorado Neighborhood Coalition. None of the other signers to this letter have been paid or compensated in any way related to the creation of these maps or any testimony or communications with the commission or its members.