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Please be advised that all written comments submitted to the Colorado Independent Redistricting Commissions are public records under Colorado law and will be published on the commissions’ website, subject to staff moderation for relevance and inappropriate content.

If you are more comfortable commenting in a language other than English, you may do so. Comments in other languages will be translated for the commissions.

Si prefiere comentar en español, puede hacerlo. Los comentarios en otros idiomas serán traducidos para las comisiones.

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The Colorado Independent Redistricting Commissions welcome public comment on how to draw our state's congressional and legislative districts.

We are especially interested in what Coloradans view as their communities of interest1. Think about these communities and how they can be reflected on a map. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What shared interests unite your community?
  • What are your community’s public policy concerns?
  • What geographic areas or features are important to your community?
  • What else should the commissions know about your community?

If you have prepared a map of your community, you may use the attachment button below to add it to your comments. We can also accept full district maps through this form. We can view most GIS formats. The following file formats may be uploaded from this form: csv, json, geojson, png and pdf.