Application for Legislative Commission for Renee Getter

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Renee Getter

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Unemployed, looking for FT work

Educational Background

Technical certificates: A+, Network+, Oracle SQL, working toward a BS in Data Analytics/Data Management

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Professional Background

I do not have formal experience, but try to be aware of issues and at times volunteer to help organizations. I have passion to see things get better, but I have not found a place where I have channeled that passion. I believe that this commission is a place where I could dedicate my time and energy to help Colorado.

Past Political Activity

I am a very passionate and interested voter. I have contributed to some local and national campaigns, usually for the Democratic party including Clinton '16, Biden '20, Mark Kelly (AZ) '20, Emily's List '20

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I believe that our district maps can be very influential in whether all voters feel represented by elected leaders. I think it is very important that districts be fairly drawn to provide balance. Other states have drawn extremely partisan districts to help ensure that the majority party stays in power and I am pleased that CO has independent commissions specifically to prevent this bias. I was proud of the State when US District 7 was created to be roughly 1/3 D, 1/3 R, and 1/3 independent and live in District 7. I would like to be part of a process that continues to create fair districts as a role model to my kids and friends.

Statement on Working with Consensus

As a project manager, I have led many cross-functional teams by creating an environment that fosters participation, collaboration, and, when needed, compromise. I work to find common ground on teams to help foster community and safety. When members feel safe to contribute their ideas and feel everyone is valued, they are more likely to hear and value other opinions and come to a consensus. I believe that I am able to listen to others and evaluate each idea on its merits, not on who submitted the idea. I have had to negotiate many an agreement in the business world and am known for being fair and open-minded.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

One of my strongest skills is my ability to find creative solutions to problems -- whether in the business world or working out solutions to word or math puzzles. I generally look at the world as a series of problems to solve or puzzles to understand and am constantly scanning for what might happen next so I am prepared with contingency plans and solutions. I am very analytical and logical in my approach, but I also look at issues from many angles and depths. Some problems are easier to understand and solve if you look at all the details and others from a 30,000 foot view, but most require the ability to shift from high-level to low-level to find the best and most creative solutions.


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