Application for Legislative Commission for Robert L. Bright

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Robert L. Bright

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Educational Background

B.A. History, University of Arizona 1972 Master of Urban Planning, Texas A&M University 1976

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Professional Background

As a former planning director for La Plata County, Colorado part of my responsibility was to work with the various community groups in the county to ascertain their perspective in how project proposals should be considered for BOCC review and also their perspective on the future growth and development of the county. I worked with community groups to formulate future plans and policies to present to the BOCC for public input and action.

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Colorado Civil Air Patrol


The process this commission is about to embark upon is one key to the effective representation of the people of Colorado. It needs to carefully craft recommendations which weigh the interests, concerns and, most vitally, the quality of representation of the areas of Colorado so that the citizens of Colorado will feel they are truly heard at the legislative level. I sincerely would like to participate in such an incredibly important process. I feel that I have an opportunity to use my skills, knowledge and interests to really make a contribution to this process.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I am a data driven person who will look to maximize any agreed upon quantitative criteria to achieve goals. I really am not a partisan person. I will seek to use data and policies in coordination to achieve goals. I will seek to get agreement on overall policies and goals to achieve the most effective result to our challenge. I will also doggedly seek to apply agreed upon criteria to achieve goals. While a good team player, I am also forceful about focusing on goals and in avoiding going down rabbit holes.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have rusty but expert demographic skills which I have used very creatively in the past to come up with solutions to difficult issues. This includes fine tuned analysis of census data down to the block level. I have also work on planning, capital programming, budgeting and analytical documents which required a high degree of reasoned analysis to complete. Taking these documents to the elected official level required a sound logical approach to develop recommendations which elected officials would find reasonable and well thought out.


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