Application for Legislative Commission for Sonrisa Lucero

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Sonrisa Lucero

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Sonrisa Lucero

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Sustainability Strategist, City and County of Denver

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science, Individually Designed Major, Environmental Systems Engineering, Stanford University

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Past Political Activity

I cannot remember every campaign donation, but I have generally donated to democratic races for the U.S. President, Senate, and Colorado Governor, in addition to select candidates for Adams County and Denver. Here is my Act Blue list for the last year: Hickenlooper for Senate, Joe Biden for President, Democratic Senate Campaign Campaign Committee, Lisa Cutter CO HD, support for Reverend Warnock through Stop Republicans, Friends of Earth Action, ACLU of MS, Mississippi Immigrants Rights Coalition. Southeast Immigrants Rights Network. I know I donated to Dominick Moreno for Senate, Julie Gonzalez for CO Senate, Jamie Torres for Denver City Council, Joe Salazar Attorney General.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Groundwork Denver, The Alliance Center for Sustainable Colorado, The Colorado Pollution Prevention Advisory Board (Gubernatorial Appointee), Denver's Facilities and Energy Efficiency Advisory board (Mayoral Appointee), Steering Committee, People of Color Support Initiative - Urban Sustainability Directors Network, Denver Zoo’s Community Advisory Group

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I was one of the founding members of the Colorado Latino Forum and was a board member and officer of the statewide version of the organization for five years, from 2009-2014. This group advocated on behalf of Colorado Latinos to eliminate political, social, educational and economic inequity for Colorado Latinos. I continually work to lift up the intersection of social justice and environmentalism and have been a constant advocate for equity within the sustainability realm which is predominantly White. I have worked to diversify the Sustainability Advisory Council, the boards of other organizations where I am or have been a board member, sought metrics and policies by which to instill equity in our work at the City, sought partnerships with new community organizations that work in communities of color - both purely social services and social justice orgs as well as environmental justice ones, and centered equity issues and youth of Color at our annual Sustainable Denver Summit. I am also a co-founder of the People of Color Support Initiative in the Urban Sustainability Directors' Network, a national network for municipal sustainability. I have also served on the Groundwork Denver board that works directly with neighborhoods in Denver, Sheridan and Commerce City to improve their natural and built environment and educate youth of Color on environmental stewardship. staff. When I lived in Denver I was active in HD4 where I was a precinct captain. I was a State delegate in the 2008 presidential election.


I was introduced to redistricting in 2011 as a board member of the Colorado Latino Forum when we intervened in the redistricting of the Denver city council districts. I was intrigued by the process and frustrated by the use of gerrymandering to "stack" many of the people of one ethnicity into the same district. The old district 9 in Denver was clearly gerrymandered to include predominantly low-income, Latinx communities that were not geographically aligned. I strongly believe in a representative democracy that is lead by statespeople that are committed to their country more than their party. The divisiveness in our country is a clear consequence of what happens when we put party and self-interest over compromise for the better of all. Redistricting is fundamental to all of that. It is where we ensure that we do not create a false advantage to one group or the other because of a system structure rather than a true preference of the populous. I want to ensure that no party, not even Democrats, have an unfair advantage because of how the districts are drawn.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I have been on many different task forces and committees that were formed for a singular purpose as this Commission. I am known to be able to synthesize the comments of the many members of the group into the distinct points, often finding areas of overlap and agreement. My work is intersectional, often bringing many different interests to the table. I find that when we are able to agree on a bottom line of principles, we have something from which we can build and ultimately agree to collaborate to achieve.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

This is typically an area where I shine. I am an engineer with training to understand highly technical matters and be an effective problem solver. I am the daughter of small business owners and have had to keep up with the complex financial structures of the family business. I am a diplomat as my day job requires me to constantly convince those over whom I have no authority, to do a little extra work with a little more intention through only persuasion. I am constantly analyzing diverse topics across a multitude of sectors in the City and can easily move from one topic to another as well as integrate them.


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American Indian or Native Alaskan

The applicant has Hispanic/Latino/Spanish origin

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