Application for Legislative Commission for Monique L Lovato

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Monique L Lovato

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Monique Lovato

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CEO, Mi Casa Resource Center Feb. 2016 until present Executive Director, National Energy & Utility Affordability Coalition, Sept. 2014 -- December 2015 Xcel Energy Director of Corporate Philanthropy Dec. 2008 to June 2014 Xcel Energy Local Government Affairs Specialist July 2003 to Nov. 2008

Educational Background

1984, BA Political Science, University of Missouri-Columbia 1998-1999, MPA CU Denver (course work, but did not complete) 2009 graduate, Leadership Denver, Denver Metro Leadership Foundation 2001 graduate, Circle of Latina Leadership

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While a college student in the 1980s I had the following internships at the University of Missouri-Columbia 1) One semester for the Missouri Speaker of the House, constituent services, Jefferson City, MO 2) One semester as an admin asst. for Missouri Democratic Party, Jefferson City, MO 3) One semester and a summer, Volunteer, Congressional Re-election campaign for Harold Volcker In the mid-1980s, I was a professional political campaign staffer on a variety of candidate and issue campaigns in Phoenix, Arizona, placed by the political consulting firm, First Tuesday. Over the past decade I have canvassed for numerous candidates for Denver School Board, CD6, Governor, etc., etc. Political contributions since 2015 (to the best of my memory??) Re-election campaign of Michael B. Hancock, Mayor, Denver Jason Crow for CD6, Colorado, 2018 Act Blue, 2020

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Executive Committee, Energize Colorado 2020 National Western Center Authority Board 2018 to 2020 Denver Urban Renewal Authority Board 2010 to 2016

Organization and Advocacy Experience

For 20 years, I have advocated for the Latinx community, underserved communities and communities of color, children and those with much potential, but without social capital. I have done this work in my neighborhood, in school settings, through my work and community service. The communities I advocate for are often spoken about in terms of their deficits and I have always been a strong advocate to help them tell their own stories about their contributions and potential. It has often been lonely and exhausting as well as exhilarating and rewarding.


I see this as a powerful opportunity to continue to do the work I mentioned in the previous question, advocating for those without the privilege and social capital that I have. Also, at this point in my life and career, I pick and choose how I spend my community service time very carefully. I want to be at tables where I can make a real difference. Redistricting provides the opportunity to advocate for power for communities that haven't had it, and the opportunity for compromise with everyone. After this election, I am so proud of Colorado's political engagement and I believe that serving on a redistricting commission allows me to pay back Colorado and my fellow Coloradans for the statement that our turnout made.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Fair and impartial: I have served on, I believe, three juries since I have lived in Denver (since 1991), one federal and two in Denver County Court. You don't make it through voir dire if you are not deemed to be able to be fair and impartial. As a Latina who worked in a corporate environment for more than 20 years, I have had to make a lot of compromises, as a person of color and a woman, the same. I spent five or six years representing a big bad public utility in neighborhoods all over the region and I was very successful at turning around groups of angry residents and ratepayers. The most fun part of that job was when our back was against the wall and everyone expected to hate us in a public meeting and then hearing the neighbors walk out of the meeting say, "wow, I am surprised they are so nice!" That was never about what happened at that meeting. It was about long, slow painstaking trust building beforehand. I am willing to put in this kind of work.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My Emergenetics profile is predomintantly BLUE and YELLOW, which means I have extreme conceptual and analytical skills. Emergenetics profiling defines the analytical thinking preference as: clear thinker, logical problem solver, data driven, rational, learns by mental analysis. The conceptual thinking preference is defined as: imaginative, intuitive about ideas, visionary. And finally on the Emergenetics Behavioral Scale my score is 52 on the FLEXIBILITY scale. So, I believe the combination of my analytical approach, with the ability to solve problems creatively and to be flexible is a near-perfect mix for this job. In addition, over the past 4.75 years in my current job, I have taken an organization that had never heard of business analysis and turned it into a business with a social mission. It's taken analytics, clear thinking, and logical problem solving.


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