Application for Legislative Commission for Dwayne De Freitas

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Dwayne De Freitas

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Dwayne DeFreitas

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I'm an independent technology analyst. Before that I was the marketing director of a media software company (2013) and prior to that I was the senior manger of compliance and special projects at a digital ad agency called IMM (2009-12)

Educational Background

I have a HS diploma from The Packer Collegiate Institute, and a BA in English from Amherst College, in Amherst, MA.

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Past Political Activity

I volunteered for the poll watching campaign of Carl McCall for Governor (NewYork) in 2002. I canvassed for Obama as a volunteer in PA in 2008 and I canvased for Obama in CO in 2008

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I am on the board of my condo association. I also volunteer with the California Golden Bears, which is an association for alumni of the University of California at Berkeley, where my wife attended college.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I have none.


The use of a commission rather than a politican-based solution to our re-districting needs appeals to me as a way to perform an important civic duty, make use of my analyst skills, and do so without becoming or attaching myself to any politician or party.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I’m a black, left-handed Catholic in America. My entire life is on the outskirts of the mainstream, but I make it work, because I seek out and encourage people who are not like me, to engage in dialogue with me, so that we can reach consensus. First you work with someone to set the ground rules and then you go through the business of listening to, and appreciating everyone's arguments. In this way, consensus building is how I manage my life. I write analysis for a small number of clients who seek to know very particular things about technology that’s sometimes incredibly nebulous. I’m the parent of small children. I’m the son of an auditor and forensic accountant, and the husband of a local corporate leader. My entire life is negotiation. I negotiate resources. I negotiate time. I negotiate the actions of my toddlers and I negotiate the ambitions that my family has for my children and for me. My entire life is negotiation and consensus building in various spheres. My goal is to provide objective solutions to whomever my client may be: child, wife, mom, clients— even friends. I think I can help.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I’ve spent a considerable amount of analysing things. Intellectual property rules, online ad compliance rules, the implications of embedded systems in the technologies we use, and, as a hobby, I work with others to provide deep, deep analysis of the way stories are shaped and told on shows like Westworld (see “Violent Delights Podcast,” and “The Dominant Paradigm Podcast”). Looking at what we have in front of us, what the rules we need to apply to what we have in front of us, and verifying that the outcomes set for me were achieved is what I do. I’ve got considerable excel skills and I read text extremely closely so that the people I’m with can discuss the merits of that text vís-a-vís what we need to do.


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