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Robert F Messman

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I retired in 2014 after being diagnosed with bone cancer. After extensive treatments, I went into remission in September of 2019 and remain there. During treatments, I became a director & treasurer of Health Care for all Colorado Foundation where I rebuilt their website and revamped their finances, accounting and investments during my cancer treatments. I have regained my health and stamina and tested that by working as a Census Bureau enumerator working some 10 hour days in Denver, Telluride and Alamosa catching a few significant system errors. Seems like a natural transition from that to using the info to redistrict.

Educational Background

BS in Electrical Engineering, MBA in Finance and accounting with additional accounting at CU Denver to pass CPA exam. Partial work toward a Masters in Telecom at CU, work as a Process Control Engineer required extensive study and skill with machine languages, Fortran and Basic, early adopter of Spreadsheet software using it to transform accounting and financial processes and Treasury management, passed in first class as Certified Treasury Manager after founding the Colorado Treasury Management Assn., now Association for Financial Professionals.

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I have donated modest amounts of money to Congressional, state legislative, gubernatorial and presidential candidates and done some door knocking, calling and texting on behalf of qualified candidates, primarily Democrats. Michael Bloomberg, Joe Biden, Hickenlooper, Michael Bennet, Andrew Romanoff, Jared Polis, and a number of out of state candidates whose names I can't remember. Amounts are generally under $100.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Health Care for All Colorado--Director and Treasurer

Organization and Advocacy Experience

As a Director and Treasurer of Health Care for All Colorado Foundation I rebuilt their website to extend their outreach to the community and reorganized their accounting and investing to maximize security and funds available to promote healthcare issues. I produced a 1 hour video presentation on Healthcare reform posted to our website and Youtube. I have given reform presentations to various organizations and written articles and opeds for the website and news organizations explaining the economy-wide financial benefits of a single payer system using some of my experience as a board member of a small insurance company.


I think gerrymandering corrupts democracy and cheats citizens out of fair representation and good government. I would like to help improve the process for the benefit of ALL Colorado voters and to improve participation by improving confidence in the system.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Listening with an open mind is key to consensus building followed by creativity which I started learning as an engineer. I spent 10 years negotiating with business owners, lenders, vendors, investors and employees to build consensus for often radical turnaround plans. In doing so, I believe I learned to digest the data, the environment, the biases, financial and psychological issues (esp. fears) and vested interests of all parties, in order to achieve consensus.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I originally trained as an engineer in which your education is focused on solving physical problems, night and day. My MBA training extended that training into the business world. In the petroleum and cable businesses, I transformed and usually revolutionized every position I have held. I once found $30M in an accounts payable system and had to train the CPA managers how to recover the funds and eliminate the flaws in their system. I redeployed a similar amount in the theatre and cable collection systems at United Artists and revised the system to prevent the problem. I have had to continually retrain CPAs who do not understand how financial data is used and the fact that business actually operates on an hourly and daily basis and cannot wait for delayed end of month reports. I built possibly the first PC-based cable system model in the country in the first month on the job and used it correct broken financings, gain new acquisition credit lines, improve cable system budgeting and eventually model the companies for sale when my models showed declining profitability in the business model. In my turnaround business, I generally modeled the business to determine what the most important change should be to start the turnaround and stave off bankruptcy. That is performance under pressure.


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