Application for Legislative Commission for Cherry-Rose Anderson

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Cherry-Rose Anderson

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Cherry Anderson

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July 2019 - present: Software Engineer, MRI Software 2000 - July 2019: Software Engineer and Small Business Owner, Charon Development

Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Swarthmore College, graduated 1995

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Past Political Activity

2020 Democratic Nominee for President Aaron Brockett for City Council (Boulder City Council) Andrew Romanov (Senate) Angelique Espinoza (State House) Bob Yates (Boulder City Council) Boulder County Democrats Boulder Progressives Colorado House Majority Project Colorado Senate Democrats Dave Gross (CU Regent) Dave Young (Treasurer) Deb Gardner (Boulder County Commissioner) Democratic National Committee Diane Mitsch Bush Eric Budd (Boulder City Council) Elise Jones (Boulder County Commissioner) Elizabeth Warren (President) Fenburg Leadership Fund Hillary Clinton (President) Jan Burton (Boulder City Council) Jared Polis (Governor) Jason Crow Jena Griswold (Secretary of State) Jill for City Council (Boulder City Council) Joe Biden Joe Neguse (CD-2 Representative) Joe Salazar Jonathan Singer Judy Amabile Junie for Boulder City Council John Hickenlooper (Senate) Jonathan Singer (County Commissioner) Lesley Smith (CU Regent) Lorena Garcia (Senate) Omar Montgomery (Aurora Mayor) Penfield Tate Phil Weiser Progressive Colorado ProgressNow Colorado Raffi Mercuri (Boulder County Clerk & Recorder) Stephany Rose Spaulding (Congressional Run) Stephany Rose Spaulding (Senate) Swing Left District Funds Tammy Story

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

March 2017 - present: NAACP Boulder County - founding member, treasurer, civic engagement chair 2018 - present: NAACP CO-MT-WY State Area Conference - civic engagement chair

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I became involved with the nascent NAACP branch forming in Boulder County in early 2017. As a member of the Executive Committee of the NAACP Boulder County, I have attended 3 national conventions, 2 regional conventions, served as treasurer, and served as civic engagement chair. Within my role in the NAACP Boulder County, I have served on the organizing committees of 2 major annual fund-raising events: bringing Rajdulari ( to the Canyon Theater in 2018 and bringing the McIntosh County Shouters ( for a free community concert at Macky Auditorium in June 2019. Unfortunately, our 2020 fundraiser (which would have brought the Fisk Jubilee Singers ( to Macky for a free community concert in October 2020 has been delayed by the Covid pandemic. In addition, I organized a showing of Ava DuVernay's powerful documentary series 'When They See Us', which explores racial inequities in the criminal justice system by following the experience of the boys once known as the Central Park Five (wrongly accused of the brutal rape and assault of a jogger in Central Park) - now known as the Exonerated Five. With the support of the Museum of Boulder, I organized weekly showings and talk backs that involved the Korey Wise Innocence Project at CU, the Boulder County DA, the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition, and the exonoree Shareef Cousin from New Orleans. This powerful series of conversations brought together more than 50 people in Boulder for a month of weekly discussions that highlighted the different experiences that white and Black people face within the criminal justice system. In addition, as the NAACP Colorado-Montana-Wyoming State Area Conference civic engagement chair, I organized over 4 dozen volunteers in a Get Out the Vote effort that sent 1200 postcards and made 2400 phone calls to Black and Native American voters across the state in the leadup to the 2020 general election. One of the most valuable lessons that I have internalized from this work is the importance of trusting the intention and work of others, and staying focused on the areas where I can have a direct impact.


The re-districting process is a foundational element of our representative democracy, If the districts are drawn poorly, then it is not possible to create an elected government that fairly represents its constituents. We can see this in the gerrymandered districts that plague many states in our country. The passage of Amendments Y & Z were an ambitious step towards making sure that, at every level, the districts in Colorado fairly represent the people of Colorado. I would like to do everything within my power to ensure fair representation of everyone who lives in our state because I believe that creates a better government for all.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I am a woman with strong opinions, tempered by a desire to build consensus. I was appointed foreman of the one jury trial I have had the privilege to serve on - and I believe that decision was made by my peers because I was able to break down a difficult discussion into more manageable pieces, listen to questions and concerns, and then re-build the pieces into a consensus decision.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As a physics major in college and a computer programmer in my professional life, I have a great deal of practice breaking down problems into their component pieces and solving them one step at a time. This is a skill that has been honed by raising (in partnership with my husband) two children: both teenagers now (17 and 14) who get along with their parents - even through these long months of quarantine.


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