Application for Legislative Commission for Michael E. Hunter

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Michael E. Hunter

Other Names
Mike Hunter

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Director of Procurement, Contract Management & Insurance - Foothills Regional Housing (Jefferson County Housing Authority)

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science Business Administration. Additional certificates in fields of work with business management, leadership, procurement, contract management, property management

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Congressional District


Past Political Activity

I have not participated directly in political activity other donating small amounts to general Republican campaigns, or local candidates.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

During the identified period I have been elected to our HOA Board, serving as Treasurer currently.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

My representation and advocation has been for groups within the organization that I have worked for since 2013, which involves funding and providing housing for low income residents, homeless and especially homeless veteran populations. I have participated with the HUD and the Jefferson County homeless count processes, walking the suspected outdoor areas where people are living under bridges, in campers, parks and along creeks to gather information about situations and resources to assist with seeking funding to provide resources for those individuals.


I want to be more involved with politics at a basic level of determining a balanced opportunity for candidates and the competitive process of representation. Defining a reasonable demarcation of boundaries for the political groups to base representation of our populations is the first step toward establishing as fair a process as possible.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I consider myself a compassionate conservative, understanding that as strongly as I believe in my convictions, so do others that may not agree with mine. Being able to see viewpoints from the others' perspective is a strength of mine, allowing an open mind to discussion without the intent of disagreement, moving toward the best mutually agreeable outcomes through collaborative efforts.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I analyze what is given and face value, look for what is not being demonstrated or stated. Whether that be through empirical data or impassioned discussion, I thrive to bring the collective information into the most objective format possible and avoid delivering personally blinded or emotionally based presentations.


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