Application for Legislative Commission for Abby Simpson Crisafulli

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Abby Simpson Crisafulli

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Career Development Navigator, Denver Public Schools

Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs (summa cum laude)

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Past Political Activity

2016 Clinton Campaign for President contribution In my previous role, I worked in a campaign compliance position for a nonpartisan organization supporting multiple candidates throughout the US. While I indirectly worked on compliance for multiple campaigns in this role, I was not employed by a specific campaign or candidate.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver Equity Network United for Metro Denver (ENUF) Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE) United Nations Young Professionals Network Girl Rising

Organization and Advocacy Experience

For the past two years, I have served on the leadership committee of Equity Network United for Metro Denver (ENUF). As a leader of this community organization, I have planned various organizing cycles around equitable treatment of students in Denver Public Schools. This experience has taught me how to further collaborate with a group of individuals from various backgrounds in order to pursue a common goal. As an organization leader, I have been able to bring together students, parents, teachers, school administrators, community leaders and district officials in multiple ways to create trainings, hold town halls, and influence district policy to better serve our most-at-need students.


I want to serve on this commission because I had the privilege of growing up in Colorado and have been able to get to know the complexities of our state's communities over the course of my life. I attended grade school in Longmont at a time when it was still a fairly small suburb in a somewhat rural area. I graduated from UNC in Greeley and was able to observe in many of the local schools during my studies. I now live and work in Denver through the school district, where I interact with students, families, and business leaders throughout the metro area, which has helped me learn about the very different communities that make up the capitol city. I have also been able to spend a good deal of time in the mountains and visiting the western side of the state. Colorado is deeply important to me and I have a great deal of respect for the complex needs of our state. Issues vary drastically between the Front Range, the Eastern Plains and the Western Slope and our residents deserve to be represented accordingly. I want to bring my lived knowledge of each of these areas to the commission in order to make sure those complex differences are taken into account.

Statement on Working with Consensus

One of my strongest skills is to listen critically to multiple sources of information, find the connections between the ideas shared, and develop possible next steps to move those ideas forward. In my professional work, I am constantly tasked with finding the balance between student, family, and business needs in order to make sure all stakeholders in my programs are able to work well together. I am able to do this by staying impartial, listening to and asking questions of all parties when issues arise, and acting as the mediator to problem solve a solution that everyone can agree to. I will bring these skills to the commission in order to help build consensus and ensure all aspects of these complex decisions are taken into account.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I am a holistic thinker, which in practice means that I approach problems from as many angles at possible. I take into consideration all relevant background information and data, the input of others, possible roadblocks, and long-term impacts of an issue as I develop a solution. I recognize that there are both quantitative and qualitative elements to every problem, which means both types of data need to be incorporated into the process of reaching a solution. In order to reach more complex or long-term goals, I take a backwards planning approach to break down the timeline and make sure there are achievable steps in each phase that will build on each other to reach the end goal. I am currently working as a project lead to analyze our department's policies and procedures for programs involving high school students where this thought process is a necessity to make sure we do not create new systems that lead to the same outcomes we are trying to correct for.


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