Application for Legislative Commission for Rebecca Levy

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Rebecca Levy

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Rebecca Stephens

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Executive Director, Cortez Center Inc (DBA Cortez Cultural Center)

Educational Background

Masters of Arts in Political Science (New Directions in Politics and Public Policy) from University of Colorado Denver 2014. • Bachelor of Arts with a major in US History and minor in Sociology from Fort Lewis College 2009 • Climate Reality Leadership Corps training 2017 • Leadership Montezuma 2018 cohort

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Past Political Activity

I have never actively participated in an election campaign. I donated a very small amount, under $50, to the Democratic Party during the 2016 Presidential Election. And I donated a small amount, also under $50, to Andrew Romanoff's campaign for the Democratic nomination for US Senate.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Appointed Boards: • City of Cortez Planning and Zoning Commission • City of Cortez Historic Preservation Board Professional Organizations • Colorado Municipal League • International City County Managers Association • Colorado Nonprofit Association • Colorado Chapter of the American Planning Association

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Since 2004 I have had experience representing local and regional interests on local, regional and statewide issues. I have extensive experience in stakeholder engagement, consensus building, and legislative policy development regarding local, regional and state areas of concern. Several outcomes of my work in community organization are: 1. The development and creation of the widely supported Town of Mancos' 2011 Comprehensive Plan, which involved research and trend analysis, opinion surveys, personal interviews, and multiple visioning workshops; and 2. The formation of the Rico Downtown Development Authority, which involved in-depth market analysis, stakeholder engagement, conducting a blight study, drafting enabling legislation and bylaws, and assisting the clerk with coordinating a special election. I've gained education and experience while holding elected, appointed, and executive offices in municipal governments in the Four Corners and Western Slope, including Ophir Town Manager, Palisade Community Development Director, Cortez Planning and Zoning Commission Chairperson, and Rico Town Board of Trustees Mayor Protem. I also represented colleagues as the elected NW Regional Representative for the Colorado Chapter of the American Planning Association's Board of Directors. As long as I have been in public service, I have worked hard to be inclusive of diverse voices, and to deeply understand the issues and concerns of the communities I have had the honor of representing.


I strongly believe in the importance that redistricting has to the outcome of fair and representative democratic elections.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I have over 15 years of experience following rules of order, adhering to Colorado open meetings and open records laws, and living by the ethical guidelines for public officials. Although consensus can be difficult, it is an important goal to strive for, particularly when serving on a committee with widely differing viewpoints and competing interests. Establishing a unifying vision and agreeing upon a set of common values is a critical first step in guiding the work of diverse commissions. I will do my part to help the commission in reaching its vision of consensus. I will humbly show respect to everyone working on and with the commission, and abide by the agreed-upon values and norms set by the group to ensure that we work positively together to reach consent. Following an ordered process for fair and impartial decision making is essential in upholding the legality of any final decision made by a legislative or quasi judicial committee. I will work diligently and collaboratively with the other committee members to develop clearly stated findings-of-fact that are based upon the established conditions for approval for redefining district boundaries. And I will strictly abide by any and all rules and codes of ethics governing public bodies, including abstaining from ex-parte communications prior to a scheduled public hearing and limiting the acceptance of gifts.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have quantitative and qualitative analytical skills which I have routinely applied when researching and analyzing whether or not public policies and programs are adequate or effective in addressing problems.


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