Application for Legislative Commission for SarahJane Morrone

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SarahJane Morrone

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SarahJane Jackson SarahJane E Fisher

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Projects & Personalities EA to the Founder of DAB

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BA in Political Economy, licensed in MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), Enneagram, Belbins, and Facet 5 & speak fluent Spanish and German

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Past Political Activity

I've been to the Capitol approximately a half dozen times for legislative hearings. I have donated to: Senator Lundeen, Rep Williams, Rep Snyder and Rep Geitner all based in El Paso County.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I have joined many facebook groups and been interested in a few issues, but I've never paid any dues or officially joined any organizations. I like to keep my options open and not be tied down by an affiliation with one group.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I helped a group of parents organize (not formally) for advocacy and took part in their speaker line up for two rallies at the Capitol. I helped make a logo and website for the parent group. I've posted videos in their private Facebook group as well as recruited parents to write blogs for the website.


I have been interested in CO state politics for the last 3 years. Redistricting is an important project in our state and it would be amazing to be part of such a significant process. In my opinion, house and senate district maps have always seemed like they were made by a five year old. There must be more logical ways to draw these lines. Working with a group of R's & D's to decide those lines for our state seems like it would be a really exciting project.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I am a human resources trainer in corporate situations. I believe I have the ideal skill set for this commission. I've lead seminars on conflict resolution, project management, interpersonal skills, appraisals, and I have certifications in four personality metrics. To sum it up 'this is my jam'. I have never been affiliated with a party and have always felt being in the middle would allow me to more objectively look at both sides of the spectrum. Especially right now, when the red and blue teams seem so extremely polarized, I think my skill set would be an effective bridge between the two. My fluency in Spanish would also be of benefit in certain localities of our state.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have close friends that are both R's and D's, and I've been told on many occasions that I am particularly able to argue for one side - of most any issue - and yet listen clearly to both sides. I have been in many training situations that were especially delicate, (including in other cultures) and I helped participants work through very tough issues. Standing back and having an objective view is vital in my work.


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