Application for Legislative Commission for Debra L Fechner

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Debra L Fechner

Other Names
Debi Fechner

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Senior Compliance Analyst Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage

Educational Background

High School graduate, Certified in SAP ERP Software

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Past Political Activity

No, I have not and do not donate to any political organization

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I do not have any political bias and I believe I can be an objective contributor to the commission. My understanding is that this position requires individuals that can analyze, review and present a fair and balanced assessment.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Through out my working career in Information Technology, I have provided facts and solutions to projects, problems and improvements. My background has been in the private sector area. Which has allowed me to use my analytic and organization silks to help provide this company's I worked for with IT and business process solutions. With no political affiliation, no experience working in city, state or federal government has provided me the ability's to review, analyze the facts and provide a fair and impartial recommendation

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Working in the Information Technology sector for 30 years, the ability to analyze issues and improvements requires logic. Computer software is logical, there are no emotions or feelings when working with code. In order to provide a solution the software needs to be looked at in a logical process.


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