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Final Approved Senate Plan

Interactive Map:

Statewide Map:
download State.pdf

Full Filing to Colorado Supreme Court:
download Final Legislative Redistricting Plans with Exhibits 10-15-21.pdf

Population Summary:
download Population Summary.pdf

Election Results:
download Statewide Election Results.pdf

Voter Registration:
download Active Registered Voters.pdf

County Splits:
download County Splits.pdf

City Splits:
download City Splits.pdf

download Compactness.pdf

All reports (.xlsx):
download Final_Approved_Senate_Plan_Reports.xlsx

Staff report on competitiveness pursuant to Sec. 48.1(3)(b), Colorado Constitution:
download Report Pursuant to Sec 48.1 (3)(c).pdf


Block assignment file:
download 2021_Final_Approved_Senate_Plan.txt

Regional Maps
Denver Metro:
download DenverMetro.pdf

Douglas County:
download Douglas.pdf

download East.pdf

El Paso County:
download ElPaso.pdf

Grand Junction:
download GrandJunction.pdf

North I-25:
download North_I-25_Corridor.pdf

North Denver Metro:
download NorthDenverMetro.pdf

download Pueblo.pdf

South Denver Metro:
download SouthDenverMetro.pdf

download West.pdf

Note: the PDF maps are large, high-resolution files. Please be patient as they load.