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Carly Hare

Carly Hare (Pawnee/Yankton) strives to live a commitment to advancing equity and community engagement through her professional and personal life. Carly is a proud daughter, sister, auntie, partner, mother, ally, friend, and equity advocate. Carly’s Pawnee name is <i kita u hoo <i ]a hiks which translates into ‘kind leader of men’.
Carly has spent her professional career navigating the intersections of philanthropy, identity and equity. Carly has served as the Coalition Catalyst/National Director of CHANGE Philanthropy since 2015. Carly lead Native Americans in Philanthropy as its Executive Director from 2010-2015. Carly held the position of the Director of Development for the Native American Rights Fund, 2009-2010 and Director of Programs for The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County 2009-2004.
Carly is currently serving the boards of the following organizations: Common Counsel Foundation, the Highlander Research and Education Center, Impact on Education/Boulder Valley School District Foundation, Pawnee Evening Star Fund, and Equity in the Center. Carly has served on planning committees and presented at over 50 conferences and convenings advocating for philanthropic equity.