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Samuel Greenidge

Samuel Greenidge has been a resident of Colorado for the past 22 years, which represents an appreciable fraction of his life. Raised in Weld County and educated in Boulder County, he has been exposed to both sides of the political spectrum and somehow turned out as an unaffiliated moderate. As part of his studies at CU-Boulder he has made an extensive examination of how to measure fairness and detect gerrymandering in political maps using modern mathematical tools, benefiting from the research and mentorship of Professor Jeanne Clelland. He currently works as a lead instructor for the Mathnasium of Longmont tutoring center, and expects to graduate with his bachelors in pure mathematics this spring. After that he expects to be looking for a middle or high school level teaching job, so if you know of any openings feel free to let him know.

His primary concern is to protect the voting rights of every Coloradan by ensuring that the final legislative maps pass all objective measures of fairness and have neutral to no political lean.