Application for Congressional Commission for CORY GENE HARPER

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Software Architect - Bind Benefits, Inc.

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University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY— Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - 1998

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No political activity, I donated to Bernie Sanders 2020 primary campaign.

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Representative democracy is most efficient when more people vote. The commission has an opportunity to maximize the number of Coloradans that feel like their vote counts and hopefully improve turnout in all elections. On a personal note it would be rewarding to take part in the commission’s work and learn more about our state and its people.

Statement on Working with Consensus

The basics of building consensus is to understand the concerns of all the stakeholders. Keeping a focus on the shared goal of building fair maps is also important. Being fair and impartial involves understanding your own biases as well as others; it is an effortful activity and one I can commit to.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Software engineering, in addition to applying analytical skills, is creative problem solving. Software engineers apply logic and reason to build solutions that oftentimes have multiple stakeholders, sometimes with competing concerns. There are always multiple ways to solve a problem and you need to apply the facts in the context of different solutions in creative ways to arrive at the best answer.


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