Application for Congressional Commission for David McIvor

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David McIvor

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Associate Professor, Colorado State University

Educational Background

Ph.D. (2010) from Duke University; B.A. (2002) from Western Washington University.

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Professional Background

In my professional capacity a professor of political science, I have worked on several projects with the City of Fort Collins to increase public participation in local policy discussions.

Past Political Activity

I have donated to the presidential campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, as well as some down-ballot races

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This is an important and historic democratic innovation in the state of Colorado, and I would like to add my perspective and experience to the process.

Statement on Working with Consensus

As a professor who has to teach students of all different political persuasions and backgrounds, I am comfortable with disagreement and I always look for places of convergence or common ground. My research into democratic deliberation shows that agreement amongst different perspectives is both possible and desirable in democratic contexts.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As a published researcher, I have reasonably high analytic and logical abilities. Politics involves different "levels" of reason that each have their own specific logic (which is often why people misunderstand one another in political conversations). Being attuned to these differing and oftentimes competing rationalities can be a very important skill for productive conversations across difference.


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