Application for Congressional Commission for Tony D. Ploughe

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Tony D. Ploughe

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Tony Ploughe

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Retired military, Retired Postal employee, Director of Occupational safety and health for the World Safety Organization

Educational Background

Space Systems Operations, US Military. Occupational safety and health certifications and all major fields of study for the US Military, the US Postal Service, and the World Safety Organization. Certifications in all occupational safety and health fields through OSHA

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Past Political Activity

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Organization and Advocacy Experience

Worked in the positions of President and Vice President For the Denver Federal Safety and Health Organization


I’m ready Willing to serve my community

Statement on Working with Consensus

As an independent I want to see a fair, non-political, and impartial solution.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

While serving in the positions of safety manager for the US Postal Service in the US military logic and problem-solving or a mandatory requirement. From the work room floor in the Postal service, to combat situations in Iraq. Because of my reasoning, understanding of the diverse and fluid types of risks, and my ultimate decisions I was able help save lives on the battlefield and in the civilian word at the USPS


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