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Matthew Flood

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Masters of Science - Organizational Leadership and Strategies Change Bachelors of Science - Psychology

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I have limited experience organizing in the political sphere, as I have spent most of my adult life traveling for work. I do however spend the majority of my free time reading up on the issues and staying in tune with state and local politics in Colorado and Denver. I primarily concern myself with Denver as I am a resident here, and wish to best understand how to influence my local community.

Past Political Activity

Small donations to both John Hickenlooper's Presidential and Senatorial campaigns.

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I believe this is an opportunity to ensure each citizen of Colorado has their voice heard equally in our democracy. We stand at a moment in history in which we can leverage the power of incredibly large data sets to disenfranchise whole segments of our population or use that same data to ensure a fair and equal opportunity voice in government and I would cherish the opportunity to use do the latter and truly build a more perfect political arena for the voters of Colorado.

Statement on Working with Consensus

My professional background is change management, and I have spent my career working to bring people along difficult changes in their workplaces. This has equipped me with skills and experience working with people who are extremely resistant and highly motivated to work against the changes. But I have been successful in building coalitions of support to bring them into the fold. My strongest leadership traits are empathy, relationship building and understanding context. It is these three strengths that I think would be most important to building consensus and agreement on the commission. Building trust and strong relationships among the other commissioners will help ensure that the commission moves forward with a unified vision for Colorado. I do believe my relative inactivity in the public political sphere in Colorado to date is a benefit in this area as I do not bring potential baggage of previous negative interactions with other commissioners from having worked on opposing sides of other issues. This, along with my historic ability to quickly build and foster friendly working relationships with others based upon empathy and understanding lead me to believe I would be able to help build consensus on the commission. In regard to being fair and impartial, I certainly hold my own beliefs and political views, but I try to challenge those regularly to ensure they are still the views I believe in. But ultimately, being a commissioner is not about my views and what I want politically, it is about representing the people of Colorado in the fairest way and ensuring each citizen not on the commission is equally and fairly represented as we review and propose redrawn districts throughout the state. I believe strongly in "voice of the customer" in changes as a way to keep your own desires out of the final product, and ultimately, all Coloraoans are the "customers" of this commission.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have a background in data analysis, having implemented a fundamental approach to sales measurement and analysis to my most recent team. I approach data challenges and logic problems similarly, looking first for the simplest ways to cut the data to get meaningful insights that can lead to better outcomes, only after exhausting the simple data analysis do I wish to move onto a more complex analysis. If you can address easy problems first, you will be able to build upon that data model to address harder problems later on while also making critical improvement along the way. I am an adherent of the teaching of behavioral economics, and try to understand how to overcome the inherent shortcuts in thinking to overcome bias and ensure the decisions I make are well reasoned and based upon sound processes, even if the outcomes are not always perfect.


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