Application for Congressional Commission for Christine Anne Ernenwein

Contact Information

Full Name

Christine Anne Ernenwein

Other Names
Christine Ernenwein

Party Affiliation




Educational Background

BS from CU Boulder 1979, High School Teaching certificate from UNC

Zip Code


Congressional District


Past Political Activity

Donated to the Democratic Party, Elizabeth Warren, household has donated to Hickenlooper, Biden.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Volunteer for Denver Botanic Gardens, foster kittens for LOLA's rescue as well as for EAPL

Organization and Advocacy Experience

When my children were young I helped organize a foreign language program at their school. I also ran the Science Fair and served as President of the PTA as well as serving on the Accountability Committee at both the elementary and middle school level.


I believe that congressional and legislative districts should be fair and neutral, they should not be gerrymandered to fit a particular political party and should be drawn in the simplest manner possible.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Because I believe the districts should be drawn without consideration of one political party over another I have no agenda coming into the process. As a result I am willing to listen to all sides and views. But facts prevail over opinion and as a former teacher I believe I can work to focus all opinions to the best possible outcome.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

The best thing I can say is that I believe that a problem needs to be approached from the angle does the solution proposed make sense, does it actually solve the problem or does it create more problems. And I believe the simplest solution is generally the best solution.


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