Application for Congressional Commission for Larry Noel Lyons

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Larry Noel Lyons

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Retired from the Drug Enforcement Administration. See Resume

Educational Background

Education: High School Diploma; 2 yrs of College; US Border Patrol Academy where I had to learn the Spanish Language and relevant Federal Law; Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Academy to learn Law and trade craft, Multiple topic specific training courses with DEA, including Management courses.

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I have donated to individual candidates in 2020.

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Organization and Advocacy Experience

I do not have political experience per say. I do have substantial experience dealing with Political and Appointed Leaders in 3 foreign countries with whom I had to negotiate working relationships to accomplish the mission of DEA and the US Government. I was also part of a team the drafted the US Drug Strategy for the 1st President Bush. All of which impacted Colorado in one way or another.


I believe in Truth, Justice and the American Way. As a retired Law Enforcement Officer I believe I can bring some common sense to problem solving. The task at hand requires a calm and reasoned approach to reach a solution or proposed solution. That most likely will not make everyone happy, but it will include everyone's input for evaluation and discussion.

Statement on Working with Consensus

As a Law Enforcement Officer you are required to be fair and impartial. This comes from following the Law and gathering evidence. As an Expert Witness in Federal Courts in Los Angeles, my ability to be fair and above all honest was demonstrated on multiple occasions. I believe the gathering of information and analysis of that information will be key to creating agreements amount the diverse participants. Everyone should understand that this process will require compromises on many different ideas and solutions. If this were easy, anyone could do it.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My career with DEA enabled me to conduct many different complex conspiracy cases, both domestic and foreign. This requires the ability to evaluate many different forms of evidence collected. This include the study of drug trafficker records and movement patterns. All of which is useless if the trafficker(s) are not arrested and successfully prosecuted. The prosecution requires the presentation of the evidence, explained in detail to the US Attorney. This I have done many time as well as testify under oath.


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