Application for Congressional Commission for Christopher William Bergen

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Christopher William Bergen

Other Names

Eligible for commission


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Business Owner. Altis Energy Services

Educational Background

MBA CU Denver, BA Political Science and Environmental Studies Emory University

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Congressional District


Past Political Activity

Act Blue for DNC and candidates in CO and nationwide including Hickenlooper, Bennet, M. Udall, Oshoff, Mark Kelly, Warnok, McGrath, Jamie Harrison. Also donate to ACLU to support fair voter access.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

ACLU, Co Solar and Storage Assn (COSSA), Co Whitewater Association

Organization and Advocacy Experience

As a renewable energy developer, I organize community meetings and canvassing activities to ensure community engagement in advance of permit hearings. I represent clients in land use planning board hearings and in front of elected commissioners. I also manage complex land leasing campaigns for wind and solar power projects.


I believe in fair and representative districts and detest how gerrymandering undermines the democratic process for the benefit of a few. I also believe I offer valuable geospatial, project management and communications skills.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Consensus is based on frequent communication and the ability to clearly articulate viewpoints and listen to others to find common ground.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I write technical documents for land use approvals, which involves research, critical thinking, and data analysis, as well as GIS analysis and mapping. I’ve run a successful renewable energy consulting business since 2012 solving real estate, project management and permitting problems for multiple repeat clients.


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