Application for Congressional Commission for Julia Anne Rosetti

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Julia Anne Rosetti

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Finance Manager, NIC Colorado (Colorado Interactive, an NIC Company)

Educational Background

Boston College: B.A. Art History, 2005; Metropolitan State University: Completed coursework to enter Masters of Accounting program

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Past Political Activity

I have not donated money to any campaign or political organization in the last five years.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I have not been an official member of any political, civic, or community organizations in the last five years (excluding my condominium HOA). My lack of personal participation is not based on lack of interest.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

As the finance manager at my current job, I have had the opportunity to work with state and local governments to help provide services on behalf of our company. In doing so, I’ve developed an interest in all levels of government in Colorado and a desire to serve the needs of our citizens in a more proactive way. Prior to my current job, I worked in the legal department of the Public Interest Network. While I did not participate directly in on-the-ground campaigns and advocacy, I learned much about the organization and advocacy process.


After moving to Colorado over 10 years ago, the course of my career has yielded a few key interests: government structure, the application of data, and the importance of citizen engagement/participation. I would like to serve on the commission because I believe that the election process should be competitive, not predetermined. Democracy should be engaging for those with the privilege to participate, and this commission is an opportunity to help stoke that engagement within citizens of Colorado by assuring competition through fair and nonpartisan changes.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Though I may not have a record of participation in organizations or associations, I do have experience have experience working within groups to solve problems. Part of the reason I do not contribute to political organizations or campaigns is a desire to remain objective and impartial. My work in accounting requires the ability to work-through and describe difficult concepts in simple terms. I am a natural leader and a good listener. I believe these qualities would help contribute to agreement among the commissioners.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My combination of study and employment illustrates a unique blend of analytical skills and ability to apply logic and reason. One of my greatest interests has always been Art History, which I chose as my major many years ago. This concentration required analyzing work for its aesthetic merits, but also its place in history – its relevance to philosophy, religion, economics, government, etc. At face value, lines are simple, but context imbues meaning. For the last 9 years I have worked to develop a finance department within the local business unit of my company. My ability to analyze the financial data and make recommendations is not only my favorite part of the job, it’s also what makes me good at it. My studies and work experience have involved applying logical thinking to creative tasks, something I believe will be relevant for this commission.


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