Application for Congressional Commission for Tate Elizabeth Carpenter

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Tate Elizabeth Carpenter

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Tate Carpenter

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City Council Aide to Denver City Councilman Jolon Clark

Educational Background

I graduated magna cum laude with a double major in Political Science and Spanish, and a minor in Law and Society from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I took the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages national assessment, which measures the level of speaking, writing, listening and reading in a foreign language, and scored 'Advanced' for Spanish. I have achieved Black Belt status in Peak Performance Academy, a program through the City of Denver that helps governments reduce inefficiencies and save tax payers' money.

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Past Political Activity

In high school, I served as a bipartisan page for the Montana House of Representatives. In college, I interned with Hawaii State Representative Marilyn Lee and served as a staff assistant for the Finance Committee. The following year, I was hired as a legislative aide and committee clerk by Hawaii State Representative Linda Ichiyama. In my role, I served as the committee clerk for Committee on Transportation and the Committee on Higher Education. Colorado State Representative Diane Mitsch Bush hired me as her legislative aide for the 2014 legislative session. In 2014, I managed the state house campaign for then- CO State Representative Dianne Primavera. In 2015, I was the campaign manager for Luchia Brown for Denver City Council. Between 2015 to present, I have served in as a non-partisan council aide to Denver City Council members Kendra Black and Jolon Clark. In 2017, I donated $50 to a personal friend, Senator Leroy Garcia. In 2019, I donated $35 to Denver Democratic Central Committee

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

As a Council Aide, I regularly attend Registered Neighborhood Organizations to provide city updates and answer questions in the council district we represent which includes West Washington Park, Overland, Baker, Ruby Hill, Athmar Park, Valverde and College View. I have served as a volunteer in the Plaza programing for immigrants and refugees at the Hampden Branch Library since 2018.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

As a legislative aide for 8+ years, I have advocated for more resources, funding and programing on behalf of constituent' interest in the district's I've represented. I have extensive experience in community organizing and outreach.


With my extensive history in politics, I understand the legislative process well and am able to weigh proposals though a non-partisan lens, making me an idea candidate for the position. As a 30- year old woman, I fulfill two demographics that are often underserved on government boards. I am passionate about the access to vote and fairness in government, regardless of political affiliation. Competitive districts are important to democracy.

Statement on Working with Consensus

As a legislative aide, we must compromise on bills, budget and functioning of government daily. I understand that effective government is one that attempts to achieve the best outcome for the majority of people. I have history working with neighbors, legislators and stakeholders on building consensus and creating solutions. In City Council, we are a quasi-judicial body, meaning we cannot make a decision on voting before hearing all evidence, speakers and testimony on certain legislative actions. This has trained me to consider all sides of the debate before making a decision and recommending it to the council member.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As a council aide, I provide support for constituent services. Many times residents will contact our office due to a problem or issues with a neighbor. When issues arise, I collect and analyze information, problem-solve, make decisions and attempt to meet or contact both parties to develop a solution moving forward. These neighbor issues are often complex and require coordination and follow-up from multiple agencies. My goal is always to find a work-able solution for both parties. One example is a feud between a hookah bar and neighbors. The neighbors claim the hookah bar patrons disrespect the neighborhood by illegally parking, being loud while exiting the club, throwing trash and bottles into yards, etc. I met with neighbors to discuss how to handle each issue and which department is responsible. I met with the hookah owners and their attorney to discuss the neighbors' concerns and develop a safety plan with our police officers on how to mitigate the issues. The result of the negotiations resulted in increased security around the property and better neighborhood camaraderie.


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