Application for Congressional Commission for Daniel Alan Ruh

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Daniel Alan Ruh

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Daniel Ruh

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Transportation Foreman, Powdr Copper Mountain 2017 -Present. CDL Route Driver, Lane Balance Systems: Semi Truck Driver, My route covered the Western Slope. Exclusive use contract with Century Link/ Qwest Telecommunications 2005 -2017

Educational Background

High School degree with approximately 50 hours of College credit. CDL w/ Haz-mat and Tanker endorsments

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Past Political Activity

Voted in elections, no contributions or organization memberships

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Served as an elected board member for the Willow Ranch Condominium Association located in Littleton Co from 2004 -2017. Served as Treasurer, and Vice President.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

As an HOA Board member I assisted with budget formulation and implementation. Helped conduct Contractor interviews followed by bid processing and project oversight (Property management, roofing, painting, asphalt/concrete work). Participated in Lawsuit settlement negotiations between our HOA attorneys and the original Developer/Builder of Willow Ranch.


I have always had an interest in politics. I have viewed various district maps in the past and I am at a loss as to how some of the voting districts were formed. Most of the district boundaries seem to defy any logic or reason. I am familiar with the term "Gerrymandering" and think that many of these districts could be reformatted to achieve more sensible and realistic boundaries that would more accurately reflect the views of the people residing in those communities. I believe I could assist in that process.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I have been a registered Independent for almost twenty years. I do not identify with the entirety of either major party’s ideals or policies. It seems to me they prefer to have almost everything their way instead of achieving what is best for the inhabitants of the local community, state, country, or society as a whole. I believe many voices are being silenced by the practice of “Gerrymandering”.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My understanding of this project is that you are looking for responsible, reasonable people to learns the facts, listen objectively to differing opinions, determine the motivations for those opinions, and form a consensus on how to sensibly and fairly reformat the voting districts.


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