Application for Congressional Commission for Michael Renbarger

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Michael Renbarger

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Mike Renbarger

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Chief Engineer - Materials and Process Engineering - Ball Aerospace, Boulder, CO - Employed full time for 25 years at this location.

Educational Background

M.S. - Space Systems Acquisition Management - Webster University, St. Louis, Mo - distance learning - received 2010 B.S.E - Materials and Metallurgical Engineering - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI - received 1984

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Past Political Activity

No past political activity, nor donations in my lifetime. I was unaffiliated as a voter for the first 27 years of my residence in Colorado. Registered as a Republican 5 years ago, so I could vote in primaries.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

ASM International - Professional engineering association - member since 1983, Past Chairman local chapter. National Space Missile Mission Symposium (NSMMS), Committee Chair, member since 2019.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

No direct experience. As an engineer for a prominent Aerospace company in Colorado, I have spoken many times to school aged children about STEM careers and mentored college interns in my current role.


As I enter my late-career phase, I find myself with the time to give back to my community. The current state of partisan politics and the division it breeds, is personally distasteful to me. I see this appointment as opportunity to apply my accumulated management skills to serve the greater community, in a non-partisan role.

Statement on Working with Consensus

My professional experience has taught me that we can accomplish far more with consensus and negotiation than by taking a hard position. I am committed to seeking feedback from the community at large, delivering thoughtful analysis and rendering impartial decisions/recommendations that are in the best interest of local residents as a whole.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As a career engineer, I make my living applying logic and analysis to solve problems. This approach works equally well for technical issues as well as management issues. Research, applied knowledge, and analysis are the core of who I am, and I see this appointment as an opportunity to apply my problem solving skills to a new challenge.


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