Application for Congressional Commission for Kimberly Marie Pino

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Kimberly Marie Pino

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Kimberly M. Pino, Kimberly Pino

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Business Risk & Control Associate, Wells Fargo

Educational Background

B.A. from Fordham University in Classical Civilizations in Bronx, NY (2002), M.P.A. from University of Colorado-Denver School of Public Affairs in Denver, CO (2019), J.D. from Oklahoma City University School of Law in Oklahoma City, OK (2005), CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist) (since 2016), CFCS (Certified Financial Crimes Specialist) (since 2019), ACAMS Sanctions Certificate (since 2018)

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Past Political Activity

I have served as a precinct chairperson for Precinct 742 of the Colorado Democratic Party since the 2016 District 7 Caucus. I represent the Denver International Airport/Gateway/Green Valley Ranch contingency of Denver. I served as a member of the Senate District 33 Advisory Committee, which was a group of District 33 residents (Angela Williams district) who would come together on a monthly basis and listen to guest speakers and provide input on their communities to the Senator, from 2017-2018/2019. In 2016. I served as a precinct and county delegate for the Colorado Democratic Party. In 2020, I served as a precinct, county, and state delegate for the Colorado Democratic Party. I sent out 100 postcards on behalf of as a GOTV initiative in swing states in 2020. I have attended various political workshops and get-togethers for political candidates (Brianna Titoni, James Coleman, and Angela Williams) and movements (Defund Police hosted by ACLU). I have also attended events on behalf of the Maizel Institute and the CELL involving terrorism, terrorist financing, and politics. I have donated to the following persons/organizations: Per FEC ($30 Total): Friends of Andrew Yang-$10 (09/13/2019) and $20 (07/31/2019) Per Tracer (Colorado) [$110 Total]: Denver Democratic Central Committee- $20 (03/27/2018) Denver Democratic Central Committee- $35 (06/22/2018) Brianna for Colorado-$40 (09/04/2018) Denver Democratic Central Committee- $6 (09/17/2018) Coleman for Colorado-$10 (04/30/2020) From Memory (under $50): Jamie Harrison (2020) via

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

As far as political activity, please see above. I have also served in the following civic and community capacities since November 2015: First Creek HOA Treasurer (Temporary from 12/2015-06/2016) and Board member (2015-2017) Association of Certified Anti-money Laundering Specialists (since 2017) Association of Certified Financial Crimes Specialists (potential Board Member 2020/2021 for Colorado) [since 2019] Family of Homicide Victims and Missing Persons Capstone volunteer (Best Practices for All-Volunteer Organizations) Western Union Toastmasters member (2015-2019) and VP of Membership (2015-2016) Western Union Foundation grant writer recipient awarded to the Bridge Project (2018) Western Union Foundation Ambassador (2016-2019) Western Union Foundation Co-chair Week of Gratitude (2017) Western Union Foundation Co-chair Non-Profit Fair and Global Volunteer Week (2017) Tutor Bridge Project (2016-2019 Academic Years) Tutormate Tutor-Denver Public Schools (2014-2016 Academic Years)

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Although I have no formal experience in organizing and advocacy outside my small circle of friends, family, and community, I do try my best to advocate for inclusivity and diversity based on my personal experiences. I am a biracial American citizen (Mestizo and Korean). I was born abroad in Germany, while my father served as an officer in the U.S. Army. I was raised predominantly in Pueblo, Colorado, and I still have ties there, as my mother and sister live there. My family belonged to the NRA and believed in eating what they killed. They took gun safety and training seriously. I am technically a sharp shooter. I attended college in New York City and attended law and graduate schools in Oklahoma and Colorado, respectively. I have lived in at least six states. I was registered an independent from ages 18-24, until I became enamored with Barack Obama. That was the first time I registered as a Democrat and coincidentally organized a precinct in my community—Precinct 201 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. At the time, the North Carolina Supreme Court found there were violations of the Voting Rights Act that broke up districts incorrectly and divided communities of interest. This inadvertently affected a major run-off election at the time. A few counties were empowered to create precincts where none existed. That was my first experience with politics, until I became much older and decided I should attend a caucus for the first time, in Denver, Colorado. My now-husband-- a German citizen and US resident asked me if I had ever attended one. I married an athiest, yet I still pray a rosary regularly, although slightly upset with the Catholic Church. I do think the current Pope is making strides in equality. I live in the Far NE of Denver. Between my husband and I, we have degrees from Fordham University, UC-Denver, Oklahoma City School of Law, Cambridge and the University of College-London. I carry a massive amount of student loan debt, like many Americans. We still plan to reside in the Far NE and raise our child here, although we disagree on quality of schools, as education has been a huge part of our lives. We also experienced our first drive-by shooting on our block this summer, where three people were shot. It naturally concerned us further, as I will be a first-time mother at 40 soon. I plan to be a working mother. I am fortunate and privileged enough to work remotely, as does my husband. I now have several friends experiencing the effects of CoVid, as well as many who believe this pandemic a hoax. The point of this diatribe is I believe I represent a good number of dichotomies and contigencies, and I carry that with me in my daily life. I try to remain open-minded to various and differing opinions. I try to remain calm in the face of adversity. I believe in the Socratic method and our democratic process. That is how I believe I best advocate and represent the interests of groups and associations in Colorado.


This is a Colorado first. I have the potential to make an impactful and purpose-filled contribution to the citizens of Colorado. I realize the gravity and seriousness of this task, and I believe that I will do my best to try to navigate the murky waters (stacking, cracking, packing, community standards, unfair advantage to minority groups, how CoVid has affected the most recent Census, etc.) and legalese to create boundaries that champion equitable representation for all citizens in Colorado. I will also try to do so in a fair and consistent manner, knowing that elections can be very unique in character. I want to make a difference in society, as most people, I suppose, but I hope my belief in stewardship makes me a little more apt to do so independently with purpose and effect, as this independent commission adventure will dictate how commissions going forward operate.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Well, I am not a judge, where fair and impartial are my livelihood and lifeblood, but I do believe my education and upbringing have provided me with the framework to know how that should look. Between my MPA and JD, I have read case law and case studies that either exemplify the standards of fairness and impartiality or shock the conscience when the opposite occurs. Either way, I do believe that I am in absolute agreement that society benefits further when its citizenry can contribute to creating said agreement—and I’m old enough to know that an agreement does not always equate to absolute concensus. It is merely a contract citizens make with each other to be fair or righteous or impartial or moral—most of the time. And where exceptions exist, it is our duty to discuss them and try to come to an agreement of how our values dictate what we do about these exceptions. I work in financial crimes within a compliance organization, and behind my analytical transactional work and research are many laws and regulations. These rules and regulations create the foundation for societal value judgments. Because of this, I believe mission and values statements are integral to a working group. A working organization should always revert back to these statements when faced with differing opinions. For example, I may not wholeheartedly believe in a lack of all gun restrictions, while my counterpart may. Nevertheless we should have developed a mission-based statement and values system we can look back upon that takes precedence over our personal opinions to make the right judgment call. It should be what guides us into being fair and impartial people. A consistent fair and impartial methodology should, more times than not, promote equity, fairness and diversity.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Please also refer to my prior statement, as I believe this also speaks to my ability from an educational and professional level to apply logic and reasoning to a problem/issue. To elaborate further, I also believe my professional work in investigations benefits my reasoning and logic skills. It is the accumulation of mass data (transactions), negative news, internal red flags, and public research that allow me to synthesize a subject or matter further, extrapolate or pull from that information the key facts necessary to, finally, come to a rational, fact-based conclusion. Along those same lines, the ability to record this information is also very important. It is these notes/reports that form the basis for policies and procedures to reproduce a consistent conclusion each and every time. These are the ways (methodologies) I hope to bring to this group.


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