Application for Congressional Commission for Joseph P Plummer

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Joseph P Plummer

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Retired since February 2015; prior to that date, I had been the Director of Planning for the Town of Windsor, CO from February 1996 till February 2015 at which time I retired full-time.

Educational Background

High school diploma 1965; Bachelor of Arts in Geography, Chico, CA State University 1975; Master of Public Administration, Stanislaus State University, Turlock, CA 1985; member of American Planning Association 1989 - 2015; member of the American Institute of Certified Planners 1995 - 2015. Relevant courses of study: land-use planning, budgeting, fiscal policy, administrative law, etc.

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Past Political Activity

Volunteered at the Weld County Democratic headquarters fall of 2016 answering phones, giving out pamphlets, yard signs, etc. Contributed $50 to Democratic fundraising spring of 2020.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

See previous question for volunteerism; have not belonged to any professional organization since February 2015 when I retired full-time from the Town of Windsor, CO

Organization and Advocacy Experience



I am concerned about the present state of affairs across this country relative to voter suppression, gerrymandering and attempts to deny every citizen's right to vote, and I believe that my numerous years in public service, educational attainment and land-use planning background affords me the knowledge, skills and ability to assist with this endeavor.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Having worked for appointed and elected bodies of government for approximately thirty years, I have gained knowledge and understanding concerning diplomatic skills relative to reaching consensus on matters that directly affect individuals, groups and organizations.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Having worked in government service for approximately thirty years, with twenty-four of these years at the department-head level (nineteen years as the Director of Planning for Windsor, CO and five years as the Planning and Economic Development Director for Franklin, IN), I have learned and executed analytical skills to logically address challenges and reach consensus on issues.


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