Application for Congressional Commission for Adam Jeffrey Cline

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Adam Jeffrey Cline

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Owner at Altitude Ceramics, Manager on Duty at Nature's Oasis, Facilities Manager at Durango Arts Center, Assistant Grocery Manager at Nature's Oasis

Educational Background

Finished two years of college at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO but did not pursue a full degree.

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Congressional District


Past Political Activity

US Green Party, Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign, Elizabeth Warren 2020 Campaign, Democratic Socialists of America

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

La Plata Democratic Socialists of America, Democratic Socialists of America

Organization and Advocacy Experience

While in high school I was part of the El Pomar Youth in Community Service program which awarded grants to local non-profits through a highly analytical structure. I came away from that experience with a fuller understanding of the diversity of people and groups in the state. I have also been the guardian and conservator for my grandmother so I have years of experience in advocating for another persons well-being and fiscal health. I want to find ways for Colorado to move toward a fairer election process.


I believe that redistricting is a very important part of the political process and it is one that should be taken as far out of the actual politicians hands as possible. Competitive districts are key to fair representation in the US Congress.

Statement on Working with Consensus

As a lifelong resident of Colorado I have a firm grasp of issues that divide the population of the state. There are areas in those divides where consensus can be reached which can be used to coalesce various parts of the citizenry around a common solution. In my political leanings I am part of neither of the two dominant parties in CO, and I feel I can can therefore act impartially in the process of redistricting.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

In my current occupation I am constantly assessing and streamlining my production capability and overall business health. It requires me to gather relevant data and turn that data into a workable schedule that can be amended as needed to provide flexibility when faced with looming deadlines.


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