Application for Congressional Commission for David Steven Kinz

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David Steven Kinz

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David Kinz

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Physical Therapist, Kaiser Permanente

Educational Background

I graduated from Monarch High School in Louisville, CO in 2004. I then attended Luther College in Decorah, IA and earned a BA degree in Biology with a focus on Neuroscience in 2008. I had a physical therapy internship for one year at Manor Care in Boulder, Colorado. I then attended the University of Colorado Medical School and earned my Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree in 2012. I achieved my Board Certification in Orthopedics in 2016.

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Past Political Activity

I have been an active volunteer for the Joe Biden Campaign as well as for the Democratic Party since 2015. This includes phone banking and canvassing. I have donated money to the Joe Biden Campaign, Warren for President, ActBlue (Get Mitch or Die Trying, Gary Peters for Senate), and Planned Parenthood.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I belong to the United Federation of Commercial Workers (UFCW) union and the American Physical Therapy Association

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I have participated in multiple marches including the Women's March. I am a strong advocate for access to affordable healthcare for all and participate in this through my union and our committees. I advocate strongly for affordable access to all medical services regardless of race, gender, religious beliefs and citizenship and have attended protests and meeting with my union on how to promote this and influence policy changes that emphasize this. I was involved with the promoting proposition 118 in Colorado for Paid Family Leave.


I strongly believe that we need representation from the citizens who work on the front lines in Colorado. They are the backbone of this state and I want to make sure they have equal representation in all parts of the state. I also believe that we as Coloradans have more in common than we think and I want to promote more agreement rather than discourse among citizens. If each citizen feels they have a chance to be represented in each district then I feel that there will be less division regardless of how various elections go. The division in Colorado and the country is a major concern and if we don't put an end to it at a local level we will be headed down a very dark and dangerous path as a country.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I will promote consensus and agreement by using data. We have data that shows the spread of voters in regions across the state. We should be able to make it so that an even split among Democrats, Republicans and Independents exists in each district so that citizens are really voting for the person and not the party. I think this should be the goal of all commissioners and if it isn't they should not be on this committee. Listening to each individual will also be important and asking questions to understand why they feel a certain way. I have had the ability to impartial and fair throughout multiple negotiations with the company and the union that I am part of. I am known for showing and using data to display my opinions rather than my emotions. Before Donald Trump was president I was an independent voter in Colorado. I understand conservative view points and agree with some of them. I am not simply ingrained in one party.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Throughout my graduate school training and my current position I have participated in research that has lead to a broad understanding of health care statistics and analysis. I am familiar with SPSS and Excel. I am able to understand complex scientific literature and perform an analysis to determine if the research was done correctly and if the conclusions can be used in a clinical setting. I have applied this knowledge to political analysis as well when I have donated money.


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