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David W. Delcour

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Retied since 2008. Prior to retiring career was as a mining industry executive for 30 years, primarily responsible for such things as legal, environmental, regulatory compliance. Prior to that, 5 years as legislative assistant and then chief of staff to former Colorado Congressman Donald Brotzman and law clerk to United States Court of Appeals Senior Judge O. L. Phillips.

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B.A. in International Affairs (Latin America), J.D. University of Colorado School of Law Program for Management Development, College of Business Administration, Harvard University

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Have donated to a number of Republican candidates over the years, including Cory Gardner (U.S. Senate) and Mathew Durkin (Jeffco DA) in 2018. In earlier years to various Congressional and state legislative candidates, but no longer have records.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Colorado Mining Association, Colorado Bar Association, American Exploration and Mining Association

Organization and Advocacy Experience

During 1980's and 19990's occasionally testified before Congress on matters of interest to the mining industry in capacity as Chairman of the American Mining Congress' Public Lands Committee. As past board chairman for both the Colorado Mining Association and the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry, occasionally spoke to legislators and was a registered lobbyist for Climax Molybdenum Company for a couple of years in the 1970's while responsible for the Company's governmental affairs function.


Since being a Congressional staffer I have felt that the best representation arises out of competitive elections, and have been frustrated for many years at the lack of competitive districts in Colorado. Only one Congressional race was seriously challenged this year and that one only because of an upset in a primary election. I think open minded people who have no interest in creating incumbent sinecures or lopsided registration advantages can do better.

Statement on Working with Consensus

My industry leadership experience noted above was largely focused on consensus building in order to develop positions that could be effectively presented to relevant governmental bodies.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Much of my career involved finding solutions to complex environmental disputes, all of which require logic and reason.


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