Application for Congressional Commission for Laurette Elaine Hamlin

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Laurette Elaine Hamlin

Other Names
Laurette Elaine Hanfelt

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Graduate Student Assistant III / National Center for Atmospheric Research

Educational Background

Currently a graduate student in Applied Mathematics, emphasis on Statistics and Data Science, University of Colorado, Boulder. Expected graduation date: May, 2021. Masters Certificate in Business Intelligence, Colorado State University. Received May, 2018. Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics/Computer Science, University of Northern Colorado. Received August, 1989.

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Past Political Activity

No past political activity. I've always focused my community involvement in the educational arena then the political arena until now.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Volunteer, Thompson School District. 2005-2010. Volunteer, Poudre School District. 2013-2018. Volunteer, Larimer Humane Society. 2017-2018.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

My main civic experience comes from raising my children in Colorado. As the mother of both a gifted child and a special needs child, I found myself training to be an educational advocate and volunteer coordinator. That work was a study in listening carefully to everybody - students, parents, teachers, siblings. I explored equitable solutions with the aim of helping everyone thrive.


I truly love Colorado. I was born here and cannot fathom living anywhere else. As a native of the western slope but current northern front-ranger, I feel deeply that I personally represent both District 3 and District 2. In addition, I have family, friends, colleagues, and co-workers all around the state, from the eastern plains to the four corners. I want to see each and every one of them vote with confidence.

Statement on Working with Consensus

My overall approach is to recommend what is best for Colorado as a whole. We have a strong state with many positive aspects, none of which I want to see diminished or endangered. I want to listen carefully to what everyone has to say. Ultimately, this commission will be considering tradeoffs between different criteria. Since there will be no straightforward, universal consensus on what is "fair", I believe we should first establish ground rules on what we will prioritize based on legal requirements, community input, staff guidance, and the unique attributes that make Colorado great. As we move into looking at partitioning plans, I would respectfully guide the commission to play by those ground rules. We do, however, have guidance on what is not fair: gerrymandered district partitions. I will keep a keen eye out for that and question all proposals that look to contain outlier partitions not allowed in the ground rules.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I am currently taking coursework specifically related to the mathematics of redistricting. I am learning first-hand how to audit redistricting plans. I attended the Colorado College's 'Best Practices in Redistricting' workshop in September, 2020 to learn more about the legal requirements and background, and have been studying how other states established their districting rules and prioritized different criteria. My aim in doing so is to become a fully-qualified commissioner on day one.


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