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Ajay S Chankramath

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Ajay Menon

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Principal Technologist at ThoughtWorks Inc, one of the worlds leading software strategic consultancy

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BS in Computer Science & Engineering MBA in Non Profits Management MS in Engineering Management & Leadership MS in Data Science

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Donated to presidential election cycles for both parties during both primaries and general elections.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

1. I have had no political organization affiliation since 2015. However, I’m involved in several community organizations as listed below. 2. Founder, Board Chair and Executive Director of Colorado Fine Arts Association, Colorado’s premier 501c3 organization that is involved in bringing together local Colorado communities and South Asia through arts 3. President of the HOA and serving for the past 3 years 4. Chair of the School accountability committee of the local charter school and member of the recruiting committee 5. Founder and Chief Technology Officer of a very popular worldwide website on the arts & culture

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I’ve been involved in several civic and community organizations since 2015. My primary volunteer experience since 2015 has been as the Founder, Board Chair & Executive Director of the Colorado Fine Arts Association, a 501c3 non profit founded in 2011 whose mission is to increase cultural understanding between our local communities and South Asia through arts. Over the course of the past decade my team has been able to present close to 200 events presenting our events to thousands of coloradans and people around the world to promote our mission. The organizing aspect of this is the effort I’ve made successfully in collaborating with the local communities and gone beyond sustaining such a niche area. Our organization is today the second largest receiver of funds from our home counties scientific and cultural facilities district. In addition, I have served in multiple capacities as part of various governance board committees at my local charter school for several years since 2015. For the past 3 years, I have been serving in the Home Owners Association, currently as the President, of my community, one of the largest communities in Broomfield. On a professional note, I’m regularly invited to present at various technology conferences and committees around the world.


The power of your choice in representation is one of the most critical privileges human beings have in a civilized democracy. With the passage of Amendment Y in 2018, we the citizens of Colorado blazed the trail by being one of the small handful of states (perhaps one fifth) in our country with independent redistricting committees where the will of the people can be applied without direct political pressure or fear of influence. I feel this provides the rest of the citizens a perspective of democratizing the decision making when gerrymandering is a concern across the political spectrum. Being a registered independent ever since I first registered to vote, I feel my perspectives of having seen so many different cultures and people of different backgrounds gives me the empathetic foundation of both the right and the left. I do not believe I ever know more than everyone else about anything, but I enjoy the learning and the ability to get diverse ideas and personalities to come together for extremely relevant common causes like this. Our state is changing just like the rest of the world, and I feel my perspectives and experience working with people around our country and world coupled with my love for Colorado, will make it easier for the committee to be the fair representation of the citizens in achieving its mission.

Statement on Working with Consensus

My philosophy whether in professional or personal life has been built around building consensus and ensuring that success is built on people working together. We all have unique perspectives we bring from our diverse background, but in order for any cause, community organization or our country to be successful, it is imperative that we find ways to work together under the guardrails provided for us to live in a civilized society. In my field of work, I deal with solving extremely challenging and complex technical problems. However, one thing I've learned is that even the most complex technical problems have an overwhelming people side to it. When faced with a situation like this, I use data as the backbone to build consensus. But, I do not believe that data alone is compelling as data can sometimes be manipulated to suit your point of view. This is where we have to find the middle ground that works reasonably well for everyone, not perfectly for a selected few. I expect the commissioners to be truly representing the changing diverse culture of Colorado. They will be from different political, religious , gender identification, and other beliefs. It is extremely important that the eventual results are reflective of who we are. End of the day everyone irrespective of their race, education, opportunities and accomplishments want the same thing. A peaceful and productive life for themselves and their families, living in a healthy society that continues to be plugged in with the reality of what is happening in this world, not just in our backyard.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have been fortunate to have worked in the high tech field around various software, semiconductor, financial and professional services companies and organizations for the past 3 decades. During this time, I have applied the analytical skills to make complex organizational and technical decisions that have a direct impact on the lives of millions of people around the world. In my community organizational experience, the challenges are similar but different. The budgets are tighter, success is measured with a different set of OKRs and KPIs, but I've tried to manage community organizations with the same analytical approach to set the clear goals, agree on the metrics of success and tracking them and continuously improving. Having managed large set of geographically dispersed diverse people as part of my team across various cultures and languages all working towards a common mission has given me significant insights into looking at all aspects of a problem and solving them by applying analytical skills of observing, listening, researching, interpreting the options as applicable to the problem domain and validating the hypotheses before building an eventual solution. I have in-depth technical expertise and advanced training in computational science including a popular US patent, data analytics and cognitive science. This unique combination helps me understand difficult situations better that I was able to prior to having this background and practicing this in solving several professional and community problems.


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