2000 Census Maps

*In working with the software and the data, we discovered some errors in one of the layers we received from the Census Bureau. Prior to conducting the census every ten years, the census bureau creates new geography from which to count people. They draw both precinct lines and district boundaries using the new geography that may not match the geography that was used in the prior census. They sent us those lines and gave us 30 days to send back to the any corrections. Within the 30 days, we reviewed the lines for almost 3,700 precincts in Colorado and corrected the lines of the precincts. Unfortunately, the census bureau did not use those corrected precinct lines when it drew the district boundaries. So the district boundaries from the census bureau do not actually match the district boundaries from which the elections have been conducted for the past ten years. Out of the 5,029,199 people, 451 people were actually placed in the wrong congressional districts based upon the census district lines. So this is very minor error.