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Summit County Sheriff Jaime FitzSimons

Commission: legislative

Zip: 80424

Submittted: September 17, 2021


I will be speaking to the commission on the virtual meeting Saturday morning, but I want to submit a map that I believe addresses the issues around both competitiveness and compactness in our mountain communities. This map would solve the issues around rural Larimer County being put in with Moffat County in a very unwieldy district, keep Summit County whole and reduce the overall number of county splits, and protect the seat around the Roaring Fork Valley. Additionally, both Democratic and Republican candidates would have won House Districts 46, 49 and 57 at various points over the past 10 years. House District 26 has tilted Republican, but falls within the competitive range using the composite of 2016-2020 races. This is a substantial improvement on the staff map, creating 3 competitive districts instead of 3 safe seats in the mountains.