Preliminary Approved Plans

Proposed House and Senate Maps

Preliminary Approved Plans
The plans below have been preliminarily approved by the Reapportionment Commission.
Approved House plans include H1002v1, H2004v1, H3002v2, H4001v2, H5006v1, H6001v2, and H7001v2.
Approved Senate plans include: S1002v1, S3001v1, S4001v3, S5002v1, S6002v2, and S7002v2.
Full Reports (PDF)
Shapefiles (.shp)
Interactive Maps for Google Earth (.kmz)

Download instructions: Google Earth can be downloaded here: Google Earth requires approximately 85.6 megabytes of space on your computer. Downloading the application may slow your computer's operation.

Download and save the house and senate map .kmz files to your computer. Open Google Earth, go to the "File" menu, and select "Open...". Then navigate to the house and senate map .kmz files saved on your computer.