Application for Legislative Commission for Krista Spurgin

Contact Information

Full Name

Krista Spurgin

Party Affiliation



Nonprofit executive director

Educational Background

Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and English from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Zip Code



Professional Background

I have worked for a nonprofit for 7 years that focuses on organizing families in low-income and underserved areas of Colorado to ensure their concerns and voices are represented in decision making at both the state and district level.

Past Political Activity

In Colorado I have contributed to only a few candidates for state legislature and have support statewide ballot measure A73, Prop EE, Amendment B, and local school bond and mills.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Jefferson County Community Service Advisory Board, Alternatives to Violence Board of Directors, Denver Cultural and Historic Community Advisory Committee, Denver Public Schools Community Planning and Advisory Committee


I wholeheartedly believe in a fair electoral process that has to include fair maps. Our democracy depends on having the trust of the citizens and their being able to feel fairly represented is extremely important to me. I would be honored to be a part of the process that ensures all citizens' votes and values are able to be heard based on the district they live in.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I believe creating consensus through this work has to be based in the shared understanding of fairness, equality, and equity. I will not serve as a partisan on this commission and would be sure to insist the same from others. This work has to be about what is best for the people of Colorado and not about my own personal goals. I have a deep understanding of how to use to data to ensure fairness and would apply that knowledge to this work to keep my decisions impartial.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I am extremely detailed oriented and will do the work needed to understand and analyze the information given to us. I have an in-depth understanding of demographic data sets from my years working on education policy and have been able to use that information to create relevant solutions to problems. I believe solutions identified through datasets still need to be rooted in what is best for the people it will affect.


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