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Roger E Frame

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Roger Everett Frame, Roger Frame

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Retired. Previously held various roles in psychology. Resume attached

Educational Background

Ph.D. in School Psychology with emphasis in Organizational Development, Michigan State University, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Western Michigan University, B.S. in Psychology, Denison University. Principal Licensure Program, University of Denver Before I retired, in Colorado, held: Professional Special Services License: K-12 School Psychologist Licensed Professional Counselor Provisional Principal License. In Florida held: Licensed Mental Health Counselor Certified by Florida Supreme Court as Family Mediator

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Professional Background

In Colorado, I have been on several boards of directors, and planning committees where I have developed a reputation for asking insightful questions, and challenging untested assumptions. After the Stem High School shooting, our church decided we should investigate how to reduce isolation and help build a more resilient society beyond the church. A “Wellness Committee” was formed and the focus was narrowed the to young adults between ages 14 and18. I was elected to chair the subgroup focusing on developing resilience in the 16-18 year olds. To determine what mental health issues our target population were facing, I suggested that we add members to our advisory group who were in the 16-18 year old target age range. We then consulted with private therapists, community mental health programs, Arapahoe/Douglas County Mental health consortium, researched the literature, and searched to find what services were already being offered to address those issues. The Wellness Committee then made recommendations to the church. While the Corona Virus has delayed an implementation of these recommendations, preliminary efforts are being made to establish an independent nonprofit organization to implement these suggestions to provide preventive services so that the mental health issues do not develop in the first place. The most relevant example however, was when I was on the Interim Planning Group for the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services and I chaired a potentially contentious public hearing. I was told that a group that was upset with HRS might attempt to disrupt the meeting. I began the meeting by explaining the purpose of the meeting, and laying the ground rules that we would only be discussing issues related to the stated purpose of the meeting. If people had other issues they would like to discuss, HRS staff would be available at the back of the room to discuss their issues in private. When the first member of their group began to speak about their grievances, I politely asked if their comments were related to the topic of the meeting. They agreed that they were not, and I suggested that they discuss their concerns with the HRS staff member at the back of the room. This process continued through a third person from their group, after which their group no longer attempted to disrupt the meeting. As I was leaving the meeting, by chance, I met the leader of the group in the elevator, and he apologized for his group’s behavior. I was able to develop a solution where his group felt heard, but which did not disrupt the intended purpose of the meeting. So often people who disrupt public meetings are doing so because they do not feel heard, and know of no other way to express their grievances.

Past Political Activity

In the past five years I have attended 2 house parties for candidates, an organizational meeting for volunteers for John Hickenlooper, have done limited telephone calling for John Hickenlooper and Joe Biden, and have displayed yard signs for Biden/Harris, Hickenlooper, Jason Crow, and Phill Weiser. In addition, I have made contributions to the following campaigns: Joe Biden Pete Buttikieg John Hickenlooper Amy McGrath Ditch Mitch Fund Democratic National Committee DCC House Democrats Democrat Redistricting Committee Donate to Dems Arapahoe County Democrats

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

• St Andrew United Methodist Church, o Lay Leadership Committee member (Nominate church leaders) o Wellness Committee member (reducing isolation and developing greater resiliency in the community) • Second Chance Center, Board Member • Inside Out, Board Member • Heritage Eagle Bend Photography Club, President • Heritage Eagle Bend Pickleball Club • The Dignity Project: Showers for All (Provided advice, networking, fund raising, and construction assistance for a trailer to provide showers and laundry facilities for the homeless. The trailer was completed in October 2020. Also helped package food and face masks for the homeless.)


A free and open electoral process is the very foundation of an effective democracy. Without it, the will of the people becomes distorted and subject to manipulation by a few. While I don’t always agree with election results, I can accept them if I believe that they reflect the will of the people. However, if I believe the elections were unfairly manipulated, the legitimacy of the results comes into question. I believe that this commission is charged with creating electoral boundaries that will permit elections that reflect the will of the people.

Statement on Working with Consensus

In my book, Don’t Carve the Turkey with a Chainsaw: Resolving Family Conflict, I discuss how “conflict is not based on reality, but on people’s interpretations of that reality.” To understand the other person’s interpretation of reality you must listen. However, most people only listen to the other person’s reality 1% of the time, and when they do listen, it is to attend to information that confirms their own position and discounts contrasting information. When you are more concerned with what YOU are saying than hearing what the other person has to say, you listen only long enough to defend your own position, or find flaws in your partner’s logic. They do likewise, and the more they defend their position, the more they believe their own propaganda. So, what is the best way to promote consensus? 1. First present our facts and our interpretation of the facts, giving reasons. 2. Understand the other person’s thinking using sincere questioning and listening. Good listening involves detective work that helps uncover not only the content being expressed, but also the feelings, values, motivation, and interpretations behind the content. 3. Focus on interests, not positions. Positions are the solutions you generate to solve a problem. Interests are the underlying reasons influencing the decision. It is frequently much easier to develop consensus about interests than positions. Frequently, a solution can be developed that addresses common interests, and develops a position neither party had previously considered. 4. Brainstorm win/win solutions that focus on the future, then select the best options. When we focus on what we want to happen in the future, rather than focusing on past misdeeds, we can avoid blaming, and the defensiveness that comes with it. 5. Implement the solution. 6. Evaluate the outcome using independent measures. All this requires that the people we are dealing with feel safe, knowing that they will not be attacked, or humiliated. Judgmental comments, insults, blaming, interrupting, interrogating questioning, all-or-nothing statements, and dishonesty all annihilate safety. “Respect is like air. If you take it away, it’s all people can think about. The instant people perceive disrespect in a conversation, the interaction is no longer about the original purpose—it is now about defending dignity.” I believe my ability to be fair and impartial has been demonstrated in leadership roles where I have received considerable respect as documented by the provided letters of recommendation, and experiences. • Quotes are from my book, Don’t Carve the Turkey with a Chainsaw: Resolving Family Conflict. Free copies are available on request.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As President of the Florida Society of Psychotherapists, I felt that our organization lacked focus. We represented a wide variety of mental health professionals in private practice, including psychologists, mental health counselors, social workers, and marriage and family therapists, each with competing interests. I called a board retreat to discuss what interests we had in common, and what services we could offer our members that they did not get from other organizations. The previous President thought this would be a waste of time, but I convinced her to attend. We looked at what we were currently offering, what other organizations were offering, and what needs weren’t being met, and decided to focus on private practice needs. As a result, our membership rapidly increased. As an individual investor, I have been highly successful in applying logic and reason to find promising stocks, analyzing their prospects for long term growth, and assessing obstacles and trends to obtain success. While I pay attention to several newsletters to narrow the field of stocks to investigate, those newsletters may have biases or may discount important information which I find from other sources. That is not to say that the stock market is always logical in the short run, or that my analysis is always correct. But my performance beats the forecasts of many professional financial analyst’s.


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