Application for Legislative Commission for Raymond E Davis

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Raymond E Davis

Other Names
Raymond Ernest Davis

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retired (since 2013) accountant 2004-2013 Chief Financial Officer - Emergency Family Assistance Assoc., Boulder, CO 1984-2004 Chief Financial Officer - People's Clinic, Boulder, CO 1972-1984 Vice-President of Operations - Boulder Valley Transfer, Boulder, CO

Educational Background

MBA (information systems) 1981 University of Colorado BS - Accounting 1972 University of Colorado SGT (E-5) - US Army, Viet Nam

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Professional Background

Virtually none, except for appearing before, and preparing requests to, United Way, City of Boulder, Boulder County, and several state agencies for support for the 2 non-profit charities I worked for.

Past Political Activity

Active in the 1970's in Viet Nam Veterans Against the War. Consider myself a liberal with a conservative fiscal bent. Annually donate to Giffords PAC (gun control), Public Citizen (single payer health), and Natural Resources Defense Council (environmental protection). Have donated this year to Senate Majority PAC (Dem) and Biden for President, in an attempt to curtail the fascism and mental illness shown by President Trump.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Boulder Bird Club, Boulder Audubon Society, Denver Field Ornithologists, Colorado Field Ornithologists, South Platte Valley Historical Society. I lead bird watching trips quite often for the various groups; attendees claim I am pleasant, knowledgeable, and out-going.


You need someone intelligent, fair-minded, and not in debt or reliant to any political party. I'm your guy (if you need a guy).

Statement on Working with Consensus

One of my life-long standards has been fairness; I have fought against it, and advocated for the underdog in all my professional career. As CFO for 2 charities, a large part of my job was to design health, retirement, and benefit plans for all employees, and to come up with solutions to retain employees of all classes. At EFAA, we annually took a personality test, (comparable to Meyers-Briggs) that measured our individual personality type (yeah, I'm a bookkeeper!), and also measured our impact on a group. I rated very high in this last criteria, and as a result, was often asked to attend meetings solely to calm the waters and make sure communication happened. I pride myself in my ability to see most sides of an argument, and not use emotions to make decisions.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I am nothing but analytical. I use spreadsheets for almost anything I can think off, and am most happy when I can come up with a 'pretty' solution that solves all the problems fairly. For 30 years of my professional career, I was the numbers guy in a charitable human services business; if you know anything about charities, that meant I was almost the ONLY one in the organization who used logic and reason instead of feelings.


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