Application for Legislative Commission for Jason Fortmeyer

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Jason Fortmeyer

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Job Chiropractor Employer- Fortmeyer Family Wellness Clinic

Educational Background

I have a bachelors degree in exercise science-2009 I have a doctorate degree from Palmer Chiropractic College-2013

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Professional Background

I have no experience in these areas.

Past Political Activity

I have not donated any money to any party ever. I have not worked for any political party or organization.

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I feel that it is my responsibility do my part in ensuring that all level of government reflect the views and wishes of the people. I feel that one way I can help Colorado is to serve on this commission. Regardless, of political view the peoples voices should be hear. I want to help ensure the districts are decided fairly and neutrally. To many times throughout history districts have been used to give an upper hand to a certain party by manipulating the system. It is my hope and desire that serving on this committee I could play a roll in helping make the process more fair and reflective on the views of the people of Colorado.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I am unaffiliated with party, because I believe that you must listen to both sides and do your own research into what each party wants to do. I listen to what both sides are saying and I talk to people with different views of mine and that is how I decide one what amendments or which person to vote for. If I am accepted to this committee I will bring this same approach

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have run a business and as a result I have to look at many different things to stay successful. Rules and regulations are always change just like supply and demand. I have to plan for the near term future as well as the long term future.


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