Application for Legislative Commission for Jefferson Reaves

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Full Name

Jefferson Reaves

Other Names
Jeff Reaves, Jefferson Davis Reaves

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Educational Background

High School Diploma; 3-years college

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Professional Background

As Associate VP for Business Services at UCAR I was responsible for organizing the business activities of the organization in support of the atmospheric science community and advocating for and negotiating funding and business relationships with a variety of Federal, State and foreign government agencies, as well as private sponsors and contractors. As VP for the UCAR Foundation I was responsible for advocating for and negotiating the transfer of intellectual property from the scientific community to the private sector. As VP for the Summerlin HOA I was involved in representing the homeowners' rights and interests with regards to public rights of way, public roadways, as well as private property disputes.

Past Political Activity

I have no past political activity, except for voting in every election since 1967. I have never donated money to a political campaign or other political organization.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Vice President of the Summerlin Homeowners Association in Longmont; Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Foundation; Volunteer Transporter for Safe Harbor Lab Rescue.


The foundation of our democracy is free and fair elections. America was founded as a republic with a representative form of government and all citizens are entitled to be fairly and impartially represented to the greatest extent possible. Gerrymandering distorts the process of how and by whom the people in our state are represented in Congress and the State legislature. I believe this commission provides an opportunity to bring fairness to the process of drawing politically neutral legislative districts in Colorado and, as an unaffiliated voter, I believe I can and will be impartial in carrying out the responsibilities of the commission to achieve that goal.

Statement on Working with Consensus

As a negotiator at UCAR, I learned that to be successful I needed to listen to and understand each party's needs and perspective and to try, as much as possible, to reach an equitable and fair consensus among the parties. To accomplish that usually requires weighing all of the pros and cons of each position and being able to communicate how each party can achieve their main objectives while making concessions so that everyone feels that they have come to a win-win for the group as a whole. I believe I have the ability to be fair and impartial because I do not belong to any political party.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have the ability to look at the big picture as well as get into the details in order to analyze and solve problems. At UCAR, I was responsible for contracts, legal, intellectual property, finance, budgeting and facilities management. Each of these areas requires good analytical skills and the ability to apply logic and reason to solve problems. This requires collecting relevant data and information, analyzing that data and information for relevant facts, determining logical and reasonable options and then making the decision about the best option to solve the problem.


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