Application for Legislative Commission for Ellen L. Ladley

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Ellen L. Ladley

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Ellen L. Young

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I am currently working for Boulder County Clerk and Recorders Office through the election.

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Masters of Science Bachelors of Science

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I have not donated any money to any political activity or organization.

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Upon discovering this commission, I felt immediately drawn. Having just leaving my full time job in the construction industry, I am looking for something that would support community and/or state interests. Having built hundreds of homes and seeing hundreds of people move into Colorado, I cannot help but believe that a redistricting is needed to be fair. Historical gerrymandering, I believe, has also thrown off districts. Hence, I am applying for this position as I have a keen interest and a lot of time! I would be honored to serve on this committee. In an effort to be honest with you I need to express that I am a a common person who never really got involved with the parties or politics; other than voting. I do not know what you are truly looking for. I am ethical, interested, organized, results driven collaborative, objective and I listen really well to all people and treat everyone with fairness and concern. My job in construction was that of a daily problem solver, basically all day long, and I would like to carry that skill forward to something like this.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Fairness is important. It is important to listen to people with genuine interest. All committee members need to have the ability to take each others interests seriously, in collaboration. In this situation, problems need to be solved. The problems need to be stated like a scope of work. Each problem needs to be analyzed by all involved and input needs to be heard. Perhaps not everyones solution will be the determining point, but the most sensible solution needs to be the determination. If needed, I can accept to let go of an opinion to determine the most sensible solution through collaboration.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I would keep the following in mind: First analyzing a problem from variable possibilities and viewpoints is necessary. Taking effort into genuinely understanding the history as well as the pros and cons to determine a root cause. If and then scenarios toward possible solutions and results to each is a process I follow. Utilization of facts and data available is important to uncover issues and situations. Then, craft solutions toward desired outcomes and results prioritizing results. In summary it is important the end point is reasonably thought out with data to back it up.


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