Application for Legislative Commission for Patrick Holmbo

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Patrick Holmbo

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Special Education Teacher, Weld County Schools, RE-5J

Educational Background

Masters of Education, 2016, Masters in Business Adminstration, 2006, Bachelors of Education, 1994, Teaching Licenses in Colorado with endorsements in Special Education and K-8 general education

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Professional Background

I haven't been actively involved special interest groups

Past Political Activity

Donated money (<$100) to RNC in 2020

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Knights of Columbus


Over past 30 years, I have seen an influx of people moving to various parts of the state and people moving around to various parts within the state. The interests of the urban centers have outweighed the interests of the more rural areas, much to the detriment of their areas. We need to redistrict to keep in check that every area has an equal vote, equal representation at the capital.

Statement on Working with Consensus

As an educator with backgrounds that include business management, I listen to all sides, look for a win-win scenario and carry out my proposal. I look to find similarities and areas that all or most can agree upon. That builds the stronger foundation, even there is agreement to disagree, as long as some aspect of respect is maintained.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My background in business and education has honed my skills in analyzing data in diverse groups and serving the public in their best interests by listening to their problems and concerns. I don't play favorites; I listen to all sides who has an issue and make decisions based on the most complete information.


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