Application for Legislative Commission for Rosalee M. Cronk

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Rosalee M. Cronk

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Rosalee Cronk, Rose Cronk

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Retired since July, 2019. I served as a School District Superintendent at the same district for 14 years.

Educational Background

AAS and BS in Electronic Engineering Technology. Masters in Special Education. Teaching license in Secondary Math. Endorsements in Principal Leadership and School Administration.

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Professional Background

Serving as a school superintendent in a rural area, yet keenly aware of Colorado Department of Education (CDE)'s roles and responsibilities gave me the opportunity to serve as a liason in several CDE efforts. Served on a panel of school superintendents to the Commissioner of Education, served on a panel updating CDE's School Evaluation system, member of a team using data analysis to rate districts, and served on panel updating the school evaluation system. I also helped our local Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) by serving on Superintendent's Advisory Council and designing and teaching classes on School Data Analysis. Served on a panel of six Board Members representing landowners on the most recent pipeline project through eastern Colorado. Served as their Treasurer, but also as a spokesperson and organizer for landowner meetings and our legal counsel.

Past Political Activity

I have not donated money to any campaigns or political organizations. I choose to vote in every election, written numerous letters and emails to state legislative members both personally and professionally. Participated in the county caucus. As a member of a multi-school BOCES, we had updates about the legislature's procedures from January to May. Members of the BOCES testified at the legislature about impacts on proposed bills. Since I served the BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services) with CDE (Colorado Department of Education) work, I offered input at the Superintendent Advisory Council meetings where the legislature testimony was discussed.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Member of the Colorado Association of School Board members, Colorado Association of School Administrators, serve as a treasurer for our local church. Active in the local church, and serve as the Treasurer and Missions Committee Chair, and serve on the Advisory Council. Long standing member of our local Lion’s Club. Board member for Pro Colorado, LLC; an organization for landowners who have an oil pipeline crossing them.


"An Attitude of Servitude" has always been a high priority for me. As I researched this appointment, I wondered if there were many rural applicants. Farming has been in my family for generations and I feel I have many rural contacts that can offer their perspectives on redistricting. I also have experience in serving on committees with a timeline for reaching a complex goal. The research and knowledge gained in this endeavor is appealing to me.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Many Problem-Solving strategies are readily available. I’ve experienced several during my previous committee work and enjoy participating in different models. Brain storming strategies allow getting all ideas identified, and participants feel heard. Using the brain storming ideas can be used to find commonalities, potential roadblocks, and priorities. People who work with me know I will call on the members who have been quiet or not offering any input. Some issues and conflicts can carry emotional reactions. Best hopes/worst fears can move the group to look at the emotions in a rational way. Understanding each other’s background and experiences gives insight into interpretations. I also believe summarizing all points brought up lets all see that the solution must cover multiple areas. Setting priorities allows for a potential ranking to see what the solution must cover. Reminding participants that no one group may get everything they want, and that the compromises must look equitable from a 360-degree perspective. When there seems to be a conflict appearing, I remind all of the goal at hand, and the things we have agreed to so far. This strategy helps to get the mindset of rational thought as our tool to continue.

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