Application for Legislative Commission for Rochelle L Foland

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Rochelle L Foland

Other Names
Shelly Foland (maiden name is Sims)

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Retired. (see attached resume for previous careers)

Educational Background

Masters in Computer Information Systems, Masters in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, BA in Geology, Health Coach Certification

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Professional Background

Our HOA covenants was set up unfairly such that more than 1/2 of the community was paying more for HOA fees than others and the disparity was growing every time HOA fees were raised because of a covenant rule that stated a portion of the neighborhood was required to pay 1.5 times more than the other portion. The fees are used for maintenance of amenities in the community to which all households have equal access. I lead the committee to research (with the help of a couple of board members) how we could change the covenants and educate the community on how the fees were used for amenities shared across the community. We learned that we would have to have an election to add an amendment to remove the 1.5 times rule. I sent out polls for the community to vote on preferred methods of equalizing the fees. Although this seemed like an insurmountable task, the poll indicated that 18 or 19 of the homeowners who were paying less would vote for the change to the covenants and increase their fees. This was an indication that the task was not insurmountable and we proceeded with community meetings and presentations which I put together. Two board members and I presented the information. An election was held and the committee and I canvassed the neighborhood to make sure everyone was aware of the amendment and voted. All of the 153 households that were currently paying more needed to vote to pass the amendment since the margin was going to be so slim. This was a harder task than it would seem, since some of these homes were rented and/or the owners were hard to reach, or they were in the process of moving. In addition, 20 households that were paying less were needed to vote for the amendment and increase their fees. 22 (2 more than the 20 needed) neighbors voted for the amendment and raising their fees, while 100% of the homes who had been paying more voted in approval of equalizing fees. We are now in the 3rd year of our HOA fees being equalized across the entire Tablerock neighborhood and the contentious issue has been solved.

Past Political Activity

I was a poll watcher for the 2020 Jeffco primary elections and donated to Dan Rosier, Joni for Jeffco, Trump, Cory Gardner and other conservative candidates.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Volunteered for Tablerock HOA as a committee member and Lead to equalize HOA fees in our neighborhood. Poll watcher in primary 2020. Participated in RLA for Jeffco elections after the primary 2020. I have volunteered to be an Election Judge in the general election.


I believe that Coloradans should be represented fairly as possible and I will be a strong advocate for that as demonstrated by my volunteer effort with the Tablerock HOA. An independent team to perform redistricting is a great step in the right direction for true representation of the people of Colorado. I would be honored to work with a team of people to achieve that goal in a bipartisan manner!

Statement on Working with Consensus

It comes down to keeping the goals and requirements impartially in mind, communicating them, listening, and compromising where possible. As a poll watcher, I impartially looked for inconsistencies and areas of weakness in the election system. I worked well in a bipartisan team during the Risk Limiting Audit (RLA) of the primary election. I was a team lead and applications architect for developing software. In my software career, I worked successfully with intelligent co-workers to resolve and compromise on design issues. I and the rest of the HOA team was able to convince people that were paying less in HOA fees to see that it wasn't right that some people were paying more for the same amenities. I was also able to communicate effectively with people that were upset over changing HOA fee covenant rules by listening, discussion, and outreach via presenting researched information, and holding Q&A sessions. One of the more valuable skills of being a health coach is listening and supporting a client in their goals. It often comes back to establishing clear goals and providing support to reach them.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My original and main career was in Computer Science as a software developer in Java and C/C++. I worked as a team lead and applications architect for developing banking, financial, reporting, and project management software. (see attached resume for details). Software teams are often comprised of intelligent, strong-willed individuals. I ran design and code reviews and was able to facilitate buy-in to best approaches based on requirements and goals. I have an MS in Landscape Architecture and Urban design which required a great deal of analytical work in mapping and design where I used Adobe software such as Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and CAD to represent design proposals to a jury of faculty. With my HOA committee team and a couple of board members were were able to resolve a contentious issue that had existed since our community's inception (around 12 years). Nobody thought we’d be successful but we were! This involved some neighbors voting to pay more in fees until theirs were equal to what other neighbors had been paying (as detailed above in the volunteer experience section above).


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